you all probably suspect what is coming. "hurr durr i'm gonna quit this game" post. well no. I'm not gonna quit it. I was hyped for For Honor since the very first anouncement and have been playing actively since the first closed alpha. It is honestly one of my most favourite games of all times. However it has also been, since release, one of the most frustrating experiences i've had with the devs making decisions i just can't wrap my head around. One of these decisions is the introduction of characters like Centurion (pre-nerf) Gladiator (still) and of course Shaman.

I just don't understand what you are trying to achieve here. Sell season passes ? the cynical part of myself is tending to agree. Break the turtle meta ? well you've done that, congrats. In the process you managed to make the complete OG roster + Highlander basically useless (with few exceptions such as PK) and gave rise to the even more terrible light spam meta. And yes, i know. reworks are coming. But to what end ? more light/ub spam ? For Honor is becoming more and more a buttonmasher in the likes of Tekken and Street Fighter. But if I wanted to play those games, i'd play those games. But i don't.

I main Lawbringer and playing Duels is becoming more frustrating day after day. And while going up against a well played gladiator is already an uphill battle with all odds stacked against me, i am very much able to defeat them. but i am completely out of ideas when it comes to (well played) shamans (i am not looking for tips on how to beat her, that's a topic for a different discussion). And being a pretty average player with a win ratio of about 50-60 % i think i am speaking for the majority of players here.

And don't get me wrong: I am not whining because i'm losing or beacuse the fights are to hard. I like challenging (and fair!) fights. All i want is an even playfield where both players have to put in the same amount of effort and skill in order to win. And not fights where one player is forced to bring a knive to a gun fight.

So please, please, please ubisoft: stop introducing these kind of heroes into the game. set the benchmark on a reasonable level. That's all i'm asking.