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    R6 Community Discusses - Charm Me

    I'm taking over Ubi-Zoro's position as the R6 Community Discusses leader this week! -insert power-hungry, evil laughter-

    I'm just going to copy-paste the disclaimer Ubi-Zoro puts up each week.

    The goal of this series is to open conversation on specific topics so players can share their feedback, suggestions, and share tips&strategies with their fellow players. We encourage newer players to ask questions and for our more experienced users to offer whatever advice they can on the subject. Any posts that detract from the discussion, target other users specifically, or are offensive in general will be removed.
    So this time around, I'd like to switch things up and ask for your ideas for charms!

    If you think a shrunken head would be perfect for your personal flair, or if you'd love hotrod flames on the r6 logo, or if there's a seasonal charm you'd like to see, or even if you just have an idea for a charm you'd like to see - I want to know!

    Except, this time I don't want to just see a description - I'd like a picture too please. It doesn't matter if it looks like your cat was playing with your mouse while mspaint was open, just show something!

    Disclaimer 2
    Feel free to share your thoughts on the ideas of your fellow users but keep it respectful or your posts will be removed.

    So "Charm Me" :> with all your beautiful pieces of art and cool ideas! You might just see it in-game one day!

    As always, feel free to join any of our previous discussions here: R6 Discusses - All Topics
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    What ever happened to the gadget charms? Castle, Tachanka, twitch, sledge and maybe a couple others got charms of their unique gadgets, but that's it. Sure would be nice to have a little black eye camera charm for Val, Yokai for Echo and so on.

    It's nothing new, but I would sure like to just buy the cupcake charms that come from alpha packs. All I have now is the red velvet one, and that's one of my favorite charms. After spending another 180000 renown on a 50-pack recently and AGAIN getting 90% or more duplicates and not a single legendary, there's no way I'm wasting any more renown on those things hoping for another cupcake.

    Would animated charms be possible? A little emp for Thatcher where the light pulses the same way it does when held in hand for example.

    A little wrestling ring to compliment Twitch and Caviera's luchador masks would be nice.
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    I would like to see a diamond Six logo charm for year 3 pass. This would be awesome.
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    The challenge charm from last Thanksgiving is my personal favorite

    The drumstick...? With smile

    So something similar would be nice
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    I would honestly like Mute's jammer, bonus points if there's drone trying to jump over it
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    Originally Posted by UbiNoty Go to original post
    -insert power-hungry, evil laughter
    It Would be kinda fun if that was that part of this week too?!?! whoops..got off track
    Would it be possible to have our psn or Ubi avatars? I cant imagine a better place to start.

    If I could choose anything..I'd just wish for a boat please. Blow or power, either is fine, but I'd prefer something a little more CS. Forester.

    If I cant have a boat, a turks head or monkey fist lanyard would do nicely.

    Thanks a mil if you can pull this off !
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    Originally Posted by darthcynical Go to original post
    would animated charms be possible? A little emp for thatcher where the light pulses the same way it does when held in hand for example.
    shut up and take my money.
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    i want these two as charm and don't ask why.i need them as charm and i will pay with r6 credit if you made them.


    and the second on is


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    Year 2 and Year 3 Operators nationality flag charm!
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    Custom universal charms shaped out of 1-5 initials based on what the buyer picks.
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