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    shaman bleed vs revenge bug

    here goes one more for the broken shaman check list:

    shaman can apply a non visible bleed status on players in revenge.

    whilst in revenge the player gets a shield and bleed hits do generally not more than just a 1 damage.
    but it still will activate shamans bleed trance and enables her to use hunters mercy on a in revenge state player.

    the player will not even notice that he is in bleed because ther is no indication on his healtbar nor are there blood dripplets running on the screen
    i notices the same thing happen when not in revenge mode and you have bleed status on you. if you go into revenge the bleed will be negated but it will still not interrubt shamans bleed trance.

    i hope this gets adressed as well as a dire needed nerf for her.
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    I don't see the problem, being in revenge never made you invulnerable to crowd control effects like predators mercy. The bleed still didn't have full effectiveness, and is shorter in duration. Granted I do agree, three should be some indicator of the bleed to help players avoid the pounce.
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