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    Banned account for no reason

    During this morning i was in a battle when the app crashes and then the message pop up saying thath i was banned.I 've benn playing the game for 2 weeks now and i have never cheated on it,i was lvl6 rank 17 plz fix this or send some help ios MrFish321
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    Having the exact same issue. Have done absolutely no wrong-doing... account banned...
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    Same here, I submitted a ticket earlier this morning. Hopefully they get back to me ASAP I'm in bed rest and bored as hell.

    Edit: Ubisoft will provide chat support for every other game on every platform except for this. So the best we can do it wait about 48 hours for them to respond to our emails. (Think about all those free packs)
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    Same problem

    I also got banned when I tried to get my free pack plz check my acc ssp85@yandex.ru
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