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    Xbox one x framerate and lod issues post 1.05

    Playing on x1x. Power cycled. Reinstalled. Did not fix the issues. Framerate seems to be in low 20s for the most part unless indoors. The lod is terrible now, for example blood on enemies pops in and out just a few feet away. The intro cutscenes and cutscenes in general are a laggy mess.

    I am playing on a samsung t5 external ssd. Tried installing to internal, same ****.

    This is unacceptable. People don't have time to deal with this.

    I'm not opening a ticket ubi, you open a ticket. Or better yet, simply install the game on an xbox one x, update it, and see for yourself.

    I did not pay almost $100 cdn to do QA for you.

    Also, had issues launching a new game, got the infinite black loading screen, had to reboot.
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    I'm normal Xbox One and noticed yesterday when I started the game again that the frame rate dropped massively, especially during the opening cutscene. So much lag.
    Never happened as bad as this before 1.05.
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    Ubisoft downgrade graphic for better framratre now we have 20fps and low texture,trash LOD,terrible pop-up on everything. No more games from ubisoft.

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