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    Found a secret room in Kkufu's pyramind

    I found a secret room in Khufu's pyramid but I haven't found a way to actually get in. There's a sarcophagus and some kind of pillar that appears it may be from the precursor race, along with a slab that has a glowing circular looking seal. Anyone know how to actually get in there or have you seen it?

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    This is part of the main storyline. It might be locked until you get to that point.
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    you are correct, encountered it the next day on the Hyena mission.
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    There are many such rooms in ACO. One of the best ones is in the Great Sphinx. They are called Ancient Mechanisms, I believe. This particular one may be locked until the Hyena mission, but I don't remember it being locked when I first played the game. I do remember listening to each story at the Ancient Mechanisms when I first played the game. And,although they were interesting, each one took a very long time. But, the game was so unique and wonderful, I didn't want to skip over anything about it.
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