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    Originally Posted by Saulius_Lietuva Go to original post
    Sweet worked fine for me

    Cheers Saul
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    I installed thepatch manually but now it ask for a cd key ?!
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    Originally Posted by tabarus Go to original post
    I installed thepatch manually but now it ask for a cd key ?!
    Hey tabarus, would you mind clarifying for me if you are continuing to have the main issue that this thread describes with the autopatcher / patch loop?

    Additionally, with regard to the request for an activation key, is this following your launch of the game? Can you provide me with a screenshot of this, so that I can best-understand the issue? You're welcome to PM me the details / screenshot if you would prefer, or if it contains personal information.

    Were you unable to find your activation key for the game using the steps in this FAQ?
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    Thanks for this! At first it was a bummer that I wasn't able to play this awesome game anymore, but the steps worked for me (at least) so I started playing again. Thanks again so much!
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    key not showing on uplay launcher

    on my launcher key not showing
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    for good sake. how i'll get back my key now?
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    if you have any problem

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    2020 and still valid game to play

    tried offline installer https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/Fa...ing-Deep-Ocean didnt run kept getting error message,
    ran this as yaseenamk suggests on youtube vid. run through admin cmd, worked a charm, thanks man!
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