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    CD Key issue

    Today i had to re-install windows onto new HDDs. When i input the Anno 2070 CD key in the activator, i get the error code (2002); "The activation limit for this serial number has been exceeded". This is a game that i have on steam that requires the Ubisoft game launcher, and i am now not able to play it because i have switched HDDs and operating systems to windows 10.

    Hope someone can help
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    Opened support ticket

    I opened a support ticket about this issue on the 31/12/15 REF:02732344 and i have had no reply.
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    Oct 2015
    Hi Jsh900,

    I talked to one of our technicians and you should be all set now!
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    I have exactly the same problem with the uplay [latform and also i can't open a support ticket.
    Anyone can help
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