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    Anno 1404 Gold Edition Exclusive Hard Copy Serial Number issue

    Good day, I have a physical copy of Anno that was bought from a 3rd party retailer. The disc didn't come with a serial number. Originally it worked without a key. But with one of the patches the game needed a key to use.

    I have approached support, and they recommend that i go to the retailer to get a refund/replacement. That is not a viable option. The game is not in print and the retailer doesn't sell pc games anymore.
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    Hi DaRealAngel,

    our Support was correct in recommending you to reach out to the retailer, as they sold you the game incomplete. There is nothing we can do, unfortunately, as the Retailer should have provided you with a Serial Number to begin with.

    Kind regards
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    lost my anno 1404 serial number

    lost my Anno 1404 serial number please help
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    @ Frank

    If you do all the updates before you run the game no keys are needed. That is long it is a hard copy.

    If you have the Gold Edition as long as you do the 3.1 update no key is needed.
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    Originally Posted by frank1965to2018 Go to original post
    lost my Anno 1404 serial number please help
    Hello frank1965to2018,

    Welcome to the forums! Which retailer did your purchase the game from?
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    Serial number

    I bought the cd long ago and wanted to play it again. So I downloaded the game and updated it, then they asked for the serial number but I lost that number.

    Please help.
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    Could tell us what updates you did?

    On the base game 1404 you should only have to do 1.1 update. Then run the game no key needed.

    If you have the add on then you install that and it will do the 1.2 update. Then before you run the game do 2.1 update for the add-on. Then there is no key needed.

    Then if you want then you can do the 1.3 for the base 1404.

    Now if you have the 1404 Gold Edition before you run the game do the 3.1 update. There again no key needed.

    I have every version out there too. From steam, Uplay, 1404 & add-on, DOD & add-on, & 1404 Gold edition,

    I can install almost every one of them do updates no key needed. But what really gets me is Uplay DOD gold edition.

    That is the only one I have to put in a key. I can install 2070, 2205, & 1800. I never ever have to put in a key.

    So if the DOD game is in my account like the others. Why do I need a key every time I want to install it?
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