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    Please Ubisoft...

    The Mountain execution is nice for the Shugoki and is on par with Lawbros choke hold. BUT for crying out loud, fix his voice when he performs it! Like seriously! It's just Ahhhhhhhhhhh, snaps head. Gimme a war cry or something for fearsome and devastating, not just a simple mono toned voice sound, Ahhhhhhhhhhh. C'mon.

    Idk if im gonna use this new execution because of the way he sounds while performing the execution. "Face palm" such cringe. Hurts my ears.
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    Tell me that this sounds like someone strong?
    The voice acting for the characters needs a look at.
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    Doesn't he scream like a little girl when he gets hit as well? I've noticed a few high pitched squeals from him every now and then when getting hit.
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