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    South Park: Phone Destroyer has released worldwide!


    Hello, people of Earth! Steve from RedLynx here! South Park: Phone Destroyer has now officially launched worldwide, and is available for download on iOS and Android devices! The game is rolling out on Google Play and the App Store as we speak - so be patient, it's coming! This represents a huge step for us - it's a high point where we celebrate all the hard work and development our team has done. It's also a point to set our goals high, as this is only the beginning for South Park: Phone Destroyer! Thanks for coming on this journey with us! We're about to have a kickass time.

    As we roll out Phone Destroyer, we will also be switching to region-based matchmaking, so at first it may take players a bit of time to matchmake in new regions, or at high ranks if their current region was not in the soft launch territories. Please be patient! New players are on-boarding by the minute, and these servers will be populated very soon.

    If you haven't yet downloaded the game, you can get it here:

    Tonight, we will also be hosting a special worldwide launch livestream on Twitch! Join me and BlueBadger400 for some sweet, sweet streaming action! This will take place at 1500 UTC (3 PM)/0700 PST.

    See you on the streets of South Park!

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    Except China.......
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    China is not on the earth
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    i can understand why you dont lunch in China
    but why even ban HongKong?
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