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    Alternate AC Unity Ending

    Who wants an alternate ending to Unity like Assassins Creed 3 where you get to make a choice, and one that explains the ending more and what happens to everyone
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    I would love this. it would allow them to change the fate of a certain character at the end of unity Spoiler For unity ahead and give us more of Arno/Elise.I really enjoyed Elise maybe Arno finds a piece of Eden that could grant him the power for them to make this happen. While on the subject of unity I think will the realease of the Xbox x and with all these games getting enhancements. I feel unity is one that def needs it. We all the know the base ps4 / Xbox one couldn't really capture the vision they had for the game and as result in it's not as smooth as others. They can def fix it up now given the power of the pro and x.
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    I really hope so, i definitely agree with Unity needing a really big fix, the main story is very basic and after following a game like blackflag and being followed by Syndicate, both having great stories and game play you have to wonder what on earth happened. I would love a follow on story for arno and elise, they wouldve made a great unity story if they lived, better couple than romeo and juliet ever were. I was also thinking what if they made it like Syndicate, how you can play as Jacob and Evie only instead play as Arno and elise, start the story earlier when they kids following elise becoming a templar if you read the book, and follow arno growing up as well. Then during the main story at parts where arno and elise are away from each other play both there life events then when they come together you can chose to play as either one
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