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    Looting Anthilla outpost

    I have picked up the 2 treasures but game says 1 still left. This whole game is broken. I can assure you I wont buy anymore.
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    There is currently a known issue in game if you have picked an item up whilst playing as Aya it is not counted towards your progression. The team is currently working on a fix for this.
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    Awesome! Great news! I have 2 easy trophies left to get and then all I have left to do is grab 1 loot chest that I grabbed with Aya that is holding me back from being able to get the Platinum! So glad to hear you guys are working on a fix! Also too....Thank you so much for the AMAAAAAAZING game! Exploring Ancient Egypt was truly amazing! Your guys team did a fantastic job! I can tell the amount of time and effort that went into this game! A+++++
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    so can I hope????
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    I just hope that I won´t have to play the entire game again to unlock this trophy even after the glitch fix. It´s not an option.
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    Thank you so much, can you please advise the status of this?
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    Good news. 49/50 achievements unlocked
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    When are ya’ll finna fix it ? Like honestly . 😷 i shouldve had platnium the 2nd week after it released .😷💯 its the 28th of december & i still aint got it , that bug is really that big of a problem ?
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    Jan 15 and still not fixed
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    Platinum no go

    January 20th & am relieved that it's not just me & it's the game that's broken. I loved completing the entire game & wanted platinum before next DLC when are they going to fix this platinum trophy? Dlc is 3 days away
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