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    I just hope they do something about it, I'm pretty disappointed with how the game for me went from really pretty to flat featureless buildings . I was pretty happy with the game before 1.03. My brother was was watching me play cause of all the adds he saw . Then he saw how bad it was running and got horizon zero instead. Told him they will probably fix it, he told me his wallet doesn't speak probably lol
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    Rollback to 1.02 not 1.03!!!

    Please bring it back to 1.02 NOT 1.03 which was already a massive downgrade. Like others said, no performance issues on PS4 pro with 1.02 execpt really small fps drop in cut scenes which was more than okay and more acceptable than this PS2 mess...

    I had already opened a thread with images from 1.03 you can see how ugly the game looks.
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    Ubisoft, whatever you did to the graphics, please revert it to the settings of 1.03 or 1.02. I'm running it on a normal ps4 and since patch 1.04 there's noticeable texture pop ins and the draw distance is worse to the point it really bothers me while it was great in the older versions. I had no performance issues running the older patches and now the game looks pretty flat in the distance. Wish I could delete the patch and run an older version again but that's not possible if you've got the digital version. Please ubisoft don't ignore us people
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    Sometimes i wonder who approved these last 2 patches. I don’t think the lead person on this game would be cool with this mess the team made here. This is not by any means performance and stability in my eyes. The performance did not even change in gameplay only in cutscenes on the pro. Hope this get’s a hotfix as quick as possible!!

    I contacted yongyea if anybody knows him and asked him if he could take this up. Because i’m starting to feel mad here. There should by now be a hotfix out. Since 1.03 sooo many here was telling about draw distance and what do they do, they decrease it even further.

    I realy just wanna play, but who want to play such a beautifull fantastic game that have turned into such an ugly nightmare in visuals. I don’t 😥
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    I don't think they'll fix it to be honest. A lot of these changes were done to address the frame pacing issues that review sites pointed out. There were a lot of cases where FPS dropped down to 25 or 24 from 30. They may restore some of the graphical fidelity because right now it looks ridiculous, but I would not expect it to go back to 1.02 or 1.03 levels.
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    I'm noticing this too on standard PS4. Not so much draw distance, but way more pop ups than previous patch.I'm fearing they will drop resolution to 900p next, please don't do that. And please fix the stuttering, mostly in bigger towns.
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    This is so upsetting

    I am genuinely upset about how bad the graphics are now and i'm on ps4 slim. I have a draw distance of maybe 25 feet and textures are constantly changing or popping in and out as i move. Everything past draw distance has terrible textures. Mountains and building look like crap from afar, they only look normal when you get really close to them. Ubisoft please just revert back to old patch so we can have good graphics again. I have no desire to continue playing if this is how the graphics are going to be from now on. Which is a shame because i wanted to do trials of the gods. I literally had no performance issues pre patch and i'm on ps4 slim.
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    More images for the skeptics

    Either it's the boats that do not load correctly even though I am close to the sea, or the facing building ... Any objet is LOD when you zoom, this is a joke..
    The Siwa image to show that even the red flags or the flames at left entrance of the facing temple do not even load even though I am close enough

    To be clear, we had NO performance issues on patch 1.02 (best graphics so far), so no, there was no compromise between performance and graphics for PS4 Pro (even PS4 I guess).

    Let's not even mention the shadows and texture pop up at 5 meters away !

    Ubisoft, is this what I get for having trusted you and preordered the deluxe edition ?

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    I'm so sorry this is my first post on this forum.

    What was a magical experience a week ago is making me mad by the minute thanks to this patch,

    As a Pro owner, I demand excellent fidelity, such as what we got at launch. Now the game truly looks like a souped up 360 game,why is that? It was beautiful and ran well, far better than any last gen version of the game.

    Whatever they did to the game, they screwed it up. Does it run better? Well yes and no, because what was once a minor annoyance by very infrequent lower fps became a FREQUENt and PERMANENT visual annoyance due to the very low LoD. IT's distracting, it's riiculous, and don't get me started on the lighting downgrade,

    All I can say is, please let us go back to 1.02, or give us an option (Performance or High quality, whatever), I want to play the game just like it was when I was floored away and telling ewveryone to buy it, now i'm kinda ashamed of that.

    Please Ubisoft, don't screw up what has been your best work in years.
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    I agree with everybody in here. The last update (1.04) made this game unplayable. Lowering the graphics was the worst possible idea. I understand there were some FPS drops here and there but nothing that made the game unplayable. Now? This game looks like garbage. The lighting has been downgraded a bunch, the LoD textures really are ****, they slowly load in a span of 20 - 30 seconds if I stand still. Any rock formation or stairs will be in low detail mode for about 10 - 20 seconds and then proceeds to update the quality in 10 secods.

    Besides the fact that this update also corrupted my game I had to reinstall for 20 minutes to come back to a low setting PC game (or weak PS3/360 game) The ezio collection looks better then this.
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