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    1.04 another graphics downgrade

    How much is enough ? Looks so flat now and the game have become a pop up mess. It tottaly ruins the experience for me, and it looks so PS3’ish now. Please let us choose graphics over performance. I did NOT buy a ps4 pro for this. It looked so amazing from 1.02, how can you keep destroying one of the best things about this game. Sorry but i realy love this game, and hate that you keep tweaking the graphics down. I did NOT have performance problems, only in cutscenes.
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    Ubi-Keo's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    We received a few reports from players that after the 1.03 update that there were drops in the draw distance. Is this the issue you are experiencing after installing update 1.04? If so did you also experience this after installing update 1.03?

    Can you provide a video or images as examples.

    As I mentioned this was reported and is currently being investigated.
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    @ Ubi-Keo

    Yes it started after 1.03, and now after 1.04 it has become even worse with the pop ups/details on textures and shadows.

    It’s the same as users already posted, it’s just more extreme now. When you fly around with senu/walking, details on houses pop up. Shadows on trees also pop up when walking closer to them. In general everything looks flat and ugly from distance.
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    then try it out on a regular ps4.. its a ring around you about 30 meters that gets draw in.. it looks extremely bad now..
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    Just taken these, this is how bad it looks now

    Believe it or not this is actually from the ps4 pro, pictures i just have taken after patch 1.04

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    wow, that's bad, like really bad!!! i also noticed draw problems just buy looking at the map... on a normal ps4...
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    That's a draw distance issue... I guess.
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    @ fortetsanos

    Yes, but that is NOT okay for a 2017 game. They keep downgrading graphics for performance. Feels like they take an easy quick way to get performance instead of tweaking the game code instead.
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    I agree with you. Totally. But not everybody can succeed on that. As talented as they are, it's a huge open world game with tons of stuff included there. Obviously they can't make the textures shine. Neither Witcher 3 had the perfect textures on consoles and that's something we need to admit. So by lowering the textures far away into the distance would bring less things for the concole's hardware to bear and run smoothly. About coding, i'm not an expert on that. So i can't judge.

    I did a little bit of programming but never reached that level. lol
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    Yeah just such a shame. Realy love this game so much. Hope it get’s fixed. I can’t play it in this state it is now. Was acceptable with 1.03, but 1.04 draw distance is not acceptable!!!!
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