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    PS4 - Stuck - The Talk 2 Did not activate

    I have completed medicinal chicken, both police mission (including token house), microagression, but nothing appears all that! There is no more main mission availlable, every side that can be completed are done. (missing 1 poster, a few yaoi and a few cats)

    The talk 2 never triggered, i did go to the school, knocked the guy down near the puddle of water, but Mackey will not tell me anything new. Still have only "cis-female" written as my gender and nothing else. Cannot go to cartman for power 3 either since gendering talk 2 needs to be done...

    Completely stuck...

    Oh and I finished Fastpass long before doing the police quests. so the "known" bug :
    [PS4][XB1] The user remains stuck during the second meeting with The Coon if Jimmy’s Fastpass Fast Travel is completed last

    cannot be relevant as that quest was done long before...

    Let me know if i can provide any more assistance as I would REALLY like to keep playing without having to restart from the start!

    Thank you for your time!
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    Also Stuck

    I'm also stuck in this exact part.

    Completed The Gendering Part 2. Completed the Police mission after that. Story won't progress to The Origin Part 3. This known bug has been known for weeks but still not a single answer or workaround. And no sorry I refuse to start over again. Please help!!!
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    although it seems very similar and perhaps related, it is NOT the exact same place... as in my case I was never able to activate Talk2/gendering... my character is still only listed as "cis female" and I am not able to trigger the next part required to progress...
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    so far it seems that most people are stuck because of this particular mission The Gendering 2.... either you can't start it or you can't finish it.... either way it's becoming an annoying problem that if not tackled soon by ubisoft I will most likely stick this game in a drawer and never finish it (hope it doesn't come to this since i'm enjoying it a lot!)
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    Quick update on my side.. I did a ticket to ubisoft directly, got an answer pretty fast suggesting to delete the install data... which I did... then reinstalled the game to the ps4... then downloaded a 1.03 patch... started the game, reload save... then started walking ingame and after 3 screens i finally got the phone call to start The Talk 2!

    Havent had time to continue playing to see if Power3 will unlock after exiting the school... if i dont come back here, it probably did and all is fine now

    Good luck to anyone else having similar issues!
    -Delete and reinstall the game (no need to touch the save folder),
    -make sure you have the latest update installed,
    -then try walking around for 5mins or so.
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    Thanks FireHugoX for the input and hope everything turned out great!

    I'll try this same method and see what happens.

    Will let you guys know....
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    Just thought i'd let you know that doing all of the above worked. Both The Talk 2 and the 3rd Power appeared after walking around for a little bit.

    Case closed (for me at least)
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    I can confirm that the solution for FireHugoX DID NOT work in my case..... In my case I had already completed the Gendering part 2 and the quest that involves the police afterwards.... in his case The Gendering 2 was not popping.... Deleted the install file as well as updates but to no avail... UBISOFT please step your game.... 2 weeks with a game breaking bug of this magnitude is way too much
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    awwww I'm sorry to read that...

    You should go ahead and contact ubi support directly and explain your situation... try to be patient with the tech support as it is not their fault you encountered the bug... they are only paid to try and help out or report to the devs to get it fixed...


    In my case, only the Talk 2 was not triggering, I had already done both police quests and the only one remaining before powers#3 was talk 2... as soon as i completed the talk and exited the school i got the call from cartman (after the redneck of course)...
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    UP. Keep these posts on top of the forum!
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