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    Assassin's Creed Origins no sound bug.

    Hey Ubisoft.
    I bought Assassin's Creed Origins on day one and it seemed to work fine. But there is this annoying bug that keeps appearing in my game since a few days ago, and I would like this issue to be solved because I really like the game.

    The volume just disappears when I play for more than an hour. I know this isn't because of my headset because I also hear nothing when I turn up the volume of the TV. I play on the Xbox One. Could someone please help me solve this issue because I paid quite a lot of money for this game.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this.
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    Resolved yet?

    Hello. I am having the same issue. No sound. Has anyone helped to resolve this. It is a little irritating. I am not on any head set, just thought TV. I have tried to look up INFO, but can't seem to find any resolve.

    Thanks in advance.
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    No sound

    I am having same issue. No sound at all. No what you pay £45 for...
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    No sound

    I also have this problem but mine is always, soon as you start the game zero sound and I'll save you the trouble it doesn't fix it if you uninstall and reinstall the game
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    Ive just run into this problem, its causing a buzzing through my headset also
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    No sound

    Played for a few hours, watched a movie came back no sound at all. Started game over shut the Xbox off still nothing
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    I have the same issue on my Xbox One, sound drops out and does not recover no matter what I try UNLESS I quit and restart the game. Has happened with headphones as well as home theater. I SUSPECT that it has something to do with Dolby Atmos support as I have that enabled. Do you guys have ATMOS enabled?
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    No sound tried and tried

    Just got it today and finished downloading it and was bummed I can't hear nothing...
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    I had this with one mission (PS4) and only one character.
    Don't know if this problem is related to yours.

    i'm still wondering what she said...

    As I completed the game no more sound errors. Some ubi rewards didn't unlock but that's for a other thread.
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    No Sound, freezes and crashes.

    I've had the same problem on Xbox One, I've found quiting the game from dashboard and rebooting it does the trick.

    The game has frozen a few times but carried on after about 10 to 15 seconds.

    Also had some issues with the came crashing to dashboard for no reason but saying that it could be due to Xbox being in standby, a few game do that.

    Other than than the few problems it a beautiful game.
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