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    ACO PS4 Pro ugly graphics and horribe draw distance since patch 1.03

    Hi there,

    I have noticed a massive graphics downgrade in Assassin's Creed Origins PS4 Pro since I installed 1.03 patch. Textures and draw distance are heavily impacted. I can assure you this problem did not exist before. It looked absolutely perfect before the patch I was amazed at the long draw distance but now it seems to be very short...

    I don't know if this patch has also impacted standard PS4.

    From a certain distance (as short as 50 meters in game), textures look flattened and ugly and certains objets do not load. After getting closer the textures load normally.

    - Exemple 1 with facing building in Cyrene

    First image shows very blurry building texture


    After getting close enough the right texture loads and the building looks normal


    - Exemple 2 with facing temple in Siwa

    At first there are less "flags" on the temple and they look white. No flames at left side of entrance as well.


    After getting a bit closer, the red flags finally load as well as the flames at left side of the temple's entrance


    Boost mode is off and yes I have uninstalled, rebuilt database and reinstalled again with the latest patch...

    For me personally this problem has degraded immersion and overall experience so I have stopped playing the game for a while. When using Senu the ugly graphics at distance are so bad....


    I really hope this will get fixed cause honestly it feels like a 2010 game graphically speaking after the patch while it looked absolutely gorgeous right before...

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    u are fxxking right !!!!
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    Anisotropic and lod on textures have been lowerd to much. Wish we could have an option to choose if we want performance or graphics.
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    Yeah, it happened on PC as well. For me, it looks worse and doesn't play any better. I actually think the stuttering is worse, but maybe it's just my head.
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    flyin-bart's Avatar Member
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    I noticed this playing today. Flying up a river low down I noticed the vegitation was popping into view in the water a short distance in front of Senu. This never happened pre patch. It deffinetly looked worse than origional release (1.02). This is on a PS4 slim.

    Please please give us the old graphics back.......
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    deskpe's Avatar Senior Member
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    ps4 normal was always like this, I keep running into unloaded textures etc.
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    Very disappointed with the latest patch - I noticed the vegetation was popping into view in the water as well.
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    Ceph-Thunder's Avatar Member
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    deskpe:No mate, just tested it. The same happening on standart ps4 after update 1.04(1.03?)
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    Black_Widow9's Avatar Community Representative
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    We're investigating several PS4 visual issues at the moment. Please keep an eye on the Known Issues thread for information and updates.

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    More images for the skeptics

    Either it's the boats that do not load correctly even though I am close to the sea, or the facing building ... Any objet is LOD when you zoom, this is a joke..
    The Siwa image to show that even the red flags or the flames at left entrance of the facing temple do not even load even though I am close enough

    To be clear, we had NO performance issues on patch 1.02 (best graphics so far), so no, there was no compromise between performance and graphics for PS4 Pro (even PS4 I guess).

    Let's not even mention the shadows and texture pop up at 5 meters away !

    Ubisoft, is this what I get for having trusted you and preordered the deluxe edition ?

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