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    Squad disconnection and long matchmaking

    After last patch, I can't play with my friend because od squad disconnection after about 15 seconds.
    Trying to play alone waiting time is quite long, sometimes about 5 minutes or longer.
    I can play only lone wolf Terrorist hunt or Situations normal way.

    Turning "Display game" info in Options on, my connection is 56 ms (my friend's 65ms).

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    Same here, no solutions!!!
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    Hi all.

    happening to me too.

    I have a good connection. ( 100Mb )
    Ping usually 30ms

    Uninstalled the game, and installed again and keeps happening.
    I even open all the ports and removed firewall from router.

    Still nothing.

    Is there any log I can send? Tell me the location I will gladly post here.

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    On reddit:

    And there's more.

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    I have the same problem and I'm trying to contact the support but they are responding once a week or so.
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    Wtaf, Ubisoft. You going to acknowledge this crap or what?
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    I started a support chat with them and the did say they were looking into it.
    What they did say to try.
    -be sure all invites from the party leader are being sent from the squad menu, not the Uplay overlay party menu. You have to ACCEPT from the overlay party menu, but do no initiate from there.

    -Just to be safe, make sure that a squad invite has been accepted before you send the next one. Sometimes if several squad invites are sent out at once, it can break the party.

    -Make sure that only the party leader starts the game search. If someone other than the party leader initiates the game search, it can end up kicking the leader out of the party.

    -Finally, check to be sure that you aren't mixing NAT types. You can see this in the upper right-hand corner of the menu. NAT types should be the same across the party (Open, Strict, Moderate). Having one player with open NAT type, and another with strict NAT type, will result in an error.
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    Same problem!!!! What going on?!?!?! How does one fix this?????
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    Did all of that, still not working :/
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    My solution: uninstall the game completely and reinstall in a different drive.

    If you don't have another drive, then try and different directory.

    I didn't bother with the high-res pack this time either.
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    Hi friends.I also had this problem.I change modem a now play with my friends.Try change modem and you will see.
    My old modem glitel a now tp link a no problem.

    Good luck
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