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    XONE - Stuck after ''Talk 2: The gendering'' (Bug, mission doesn't progress anymore)

    As reported by others on the forum, I also have this Game Breaking Bug.

    Completed the quest, killed the Rednecks, but Leave school and enjoy the day is stuck forever wich does not progress the main mission / campaign mission anymore.

    Please fix this ASAP and mention this with known issues and bugs so the teams can quickly fix this within a future update.

    Thanks !
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    PS already reported it within the report function here on Ubisoft.
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    UP. Any news on this fix is much welcome.
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    UP . Issue still not fixed.,
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    Hi there! Sorry you are having progression issues. As mentioned in this post, have you tried visiting the PC Principal in the bar? This may let the mission trigger. If that doesn't trigger it, have you tried clearing your Xbox's Cache to see if that fixes it? To clear the cache on the Xbox One, please turn the console off and unplug it from the wall for at least two minutes before plugging it in again. Let us know if that helps. Thanks!
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    Hey UbiSailorScout,

    because you visit the PC Principal you get stuck with this BUG.
    PC Principal is an Mission you get after the 3rd Class. Because you can get it this earlier
    the Game breaks and you wont get the Call from the Coon at this point after finishing "Talk 2: The Gendering".

    Pls read this Post again UbiSailorScout and Report this to the Developers.
    It can't be that this BUG is now over 4 Weeks old.
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    I pre-ordered the gold version of this game, and have done more than my fair share in organizing the different duplicate threads together, compiling data, and sending in videos.

    This issue has been reported for over a month, hasn't been even listed as a known bug, and was not fixed in the 1.04 patch.

    This is complete garbage and some of the worst game support I have ever seen.
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    I am here to UP this post one more time.

    I will sell my copy of South Park today. The retailer is giving me 25,- for it. I can buy The Withcher 3 GOTY and Xcom 2 for it during Black Friday.

    My suggestion is to do the same. I will not defend, play or keep a broken game.

    Shame on you, Ubisoft. This is taking way to long. other big gaming company's have 0 problem with fixing bugs within a week.

    Seems to me you need to replace your testing team or find another manager for them. You can contact me if interested. I will gladly improve Ubisoft for the future! Or atleast be a better community manager here on the forum.!
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    Hello Team,

    I would like your assistance relating my experience with Fractured But Whole to the appropriate people within Ubisoft.

    I pre-ordered the Gold version of this game. I got to play it for less than two days before hitting the bug that presents no new missions after "Talk 2: The Gendering".

    I reported it to Ubisoft Support Twitter, and did research on GameFAQs to see that it was an issue known for a week. I forwarded this information. I created support tickets, I videocaptured my game and posted it to Support Staff. I posted the information in the forums, so that other players could add info. One non-Ubisoft member has gone so far as to actually debug the issue (Talking to Principal PC before getting the drugs for Classi). I have even left messages on the Ubisoft San Francisco voicemail.

    Despite all of this, and the contributions of other players, the bug was not fixed in the last patch, nor is it even listed in the "known issues" updated yesterday.

    The fact that I still can't play it a month later, despite pre-ordering a $100 game is saddening. The fact that there has been nothing but silence from Ubisoft is frustrating. But the fact that the game has now been out long enough to be discounted, while as a pre-orderer, I am still locked out, is kind of a slap in the face.
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