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    Assassin's Creed Origins - 1.0.3 Patch Notes

    Hey everyone,

    This is to let you know that the 1.0.3 patch is now live on all platforms.

    Patch Size:
    Xbox One: 1.8GB
    PS4: 1.5GB
    Uplay PC: 1.3GB | Steam: up to 1.1GB

    Please find the latest changes below.

    Patch Highlight

    New Photomode features:

    • Implemented camera roll
    • Implemented multiple effect types in Photo Mode including: depth of field, exposure, vignette, temperature, tint, saturation, and noise


    • Improved stability and performance
    • Improved some visuals and looting issues on incapacitated or dead NPCs
    • Fixed multiple loading issues when getting back to playable character after using Senu
    • [PC] Fixed various issues in VRAM Meter
    • [PC] Fixed various issues in multi-monitor mode

    Graphics & Audio

    • [Xbox One S][Xbox One X][PS4/PS4 Pro] Added HDR TV support
    • [Xbox One X] Added 4K support on Xbox One X
    • [Xbox One] Added Dolby Atmos support
    • Added audio feedback on conflict warning
    • Added audio feedback when sheathing and unsheathing weapons with Aya
    • Added splashing sound when falling in water while mounted
    • Integrated Japanese voice overs in Military points of interest in certain languages
    • Fixed issue were dialogue lines could play twice
    • [PC] Fixed geometric explosions and artifacts after applying options without restart of the game


    • Improved some textures stretches and flickers
    • Improved world visual when riding horse at high speed
    • Improved multiple spawning positions for NPCs and animals
    • Improved level of details in different locations
    • Fixed multiple lighting issues
    • Fixed some floating objects
    • Fixed water visual close to ships at night
    • Fixed looting issue on a chest inside Cyrene Barracks


    • Spoiler:  Show
      Added parry ability to Aya playable character
    • Added rumble and visual feedback to Charge Heavy Attack while mounted
    • Allowed player to Assassinate an enemy while in fight with another group of enemies
    • Allowed Kill Loot ability in bare handed combat
    • Improved playable character, NPCs, and animal navigation
    • Improved NPCs reactions
    • Improved smoke bomb throwing usability
    • Improved spawn locations when reloading checkpoint in the Cyrene region
    • Improved controls on mount
    • Balanced damages when executing an Overpower Chain Throw
    • Prevented sandstorm from appearing over water
    • Prevented performing Overpower ability on allies
    • Prevented playable character from changing stance during dialogue scenes
    • Fixed various issues with the playable character being stuck in overheat stance, in haystacks, or in the world geometry under certain circumstances
    • Fixed an issue preventing players from picking up arrows in some circumstances
    • Fixed an issue preventing players from interacting with loot bags dropped inside cages
    • Fixed an issue where screen would briefly turn black when entering pause menu while in Stone Circle activity
    • Fixed an issue where the thrown weapon could sometimes not hit the intended enemy when using the Overpower Chain Throw ability
    • Fixed an issue with Critical Attack ability where playable character could sometimes not reach his target
    • Fixed an issue with caged lions attacks not dealing any damage
    • Fixed an issue with Ledge Assassination on sleeping enemies
    • Fixed an issue with Sickle Swords, Heavy Blunt & Scepter Classes not able to transition from Charged Heavy Attack to Charged Light Attack
    • Fixed visual effect on Sickle Sword's Charged Light Attack
    • Fixed an issue where arrows could sometimes not hit a moving enemy when locked on him
    • Fixed some inconsistencies when using the Parry ability with Sickle Swords
    • Fixed weapon rotation when releasing a Charged Heavy Attack
    • Fixed camera movement while being locked on to an enemy
    • Fixed an issue where the playable character could lose health when parrying
    • Fixed an issue with Captains’ throwing knives not dealing damage
    • Fixed an issue where player could not loot animals in water while being on ground
    • Fixed an issue where playable character would leave shield stance upon throwing a Smoke Bomb following a Dash action
    • Fixed an issue where the hidden blade would lose its upgrades upon respawning
    • Fixed an issue preventing the predator bow to hit targets in water
    • Fixed multiple issues with counterweights in Adorer of Thoth Tomb


    • Improved various cinematic transitions
    • Improved level of detail during several cinematic sequences
    • Improved NPC behavior in the Amanai Cave during the "Water Rats" quest
    • Improved cinematic during "The Lizard's Mask" quest
    • Improved multiple spawned positions for NPCs and animals in quests
    • Altered Present Day to prevent Leyla from taking unwanted paths back to the Animus
    • Fixed issue with the interaction with NPCs the Cat and Mouse quest
    • Fixed out of bound issues in Present Day
    • Fixed an issue where enemies would enter into conflict with playable character during the walk and talk for "Old Times" quest
    • Fixed an issue where Jeska would run after stray hippo's during "Smoke over water" quest
    • Fixed an issue where cinematic would not end unless skipped during "Taste of Her Sting" quest
    • Fixed an issue where Gennadios could stay stuck on horse during "Gennadios the Phylakitai" quest
    • Fixed the cinematic trigger during the boss fight of "The Lizard's Mask" quest
    • Fixed an issue where assassination celebration would appear prematurely during "The Battle of the Nile" quest
    • Fixed an issue preventing the world from load properly during “The Final Weighing” quest
    • Fixed an issue where Taharqa could stop moving during "The Scarab's Lies" quest
    • Fixed an issue where Nikias would spawn far away from chariot after failing during "Wild Ride" quest
    • Fixed an issue where the playable character could remain stuck in a dialogue scene in "What's Yours Is Mine" quest
    • Fixed an issue where "Pompeius Magnus" quest would not appear in the "Completed" section of the Quest Log
    • Fixed an issue that could cause an infinite loading after completing "May Amun Walk Beside You" quest
    • Fixed an issue where the beggar could remain stuck while climbing a rock near Omorfi Villa in ’A Dream of Ashes’’ quest
    • Fixed issues with unwanted NPCs or animals appearing in cinematics camera shots
    • Fixed an issue where Meketre could not enter in combat mode during "The Hungry River" quest
    • Fixed an issue sometime preventing the interaction with Hotephres in ‘’Shadya’s Rest’’ quest
    • Fixed an issue where playable character would light himself on fire when lighting some torches
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent the final part of "Aya" quest from starting
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent Nikias from mounting chariot during "Wild Ride" quest
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent Bayek from interacting with chests while holding his gear during "The Scarab’s Lies" quest
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the hay bundles to fall out of world during "Abuse of Power" quest
    • Fixed an issue where Bayek could be killed during a black screen transition when completing ‘’The Scarab’s lies’’ quest
    • Fixed various issues preventing objectives from updating in various quests


    • Increased Rewards in Hippodrome and Arena
    • Fixed an issue where the recover prompt would disappear too fast in Hippodrome
    • Fixed an issue with the Leaderboard not updating properly in the Arena or Hippodrome
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent the player from progressing after the Duelist I encounter in the Arena
    • Fixed the Arena’s entry gate that could remain open


    • Implemented camera roll
    • Implement multiple effect types (depth of field, exposure, vignette, temperature, tint, saturation, noise)
    • Improved visual grid to follow ‘Rule of Thirds’ principle
    • [PC] Improved M&K controls
    • Disabled Photo Mode when in Stone Circles
    • Disabled critical messages when in Photo Mode
    • Disabled filter selection during composition mode
    • Fixed issue where placing a waypoint on a photo thumbnail would display an infinite loading symbol

    User Interface

    • Added back button icon to locked menu pages
    • Added category filters in the Gear page of the Store
    • Added a completed activity panel to some activity locations
    • Added indication of the currently equipped gear in the shop upgrade menu
    • Added a hold gauge to ‘Follow Road’ input representation
    • Improved the loot icon when purchasing a Heka Chest
    • Updated the Tame Animal ability description in the Ability Tree menu
    • Reduced text size in Arena wave display to prevent display issues in some languages
    • Corrected the number of Completed Quests visible in its section of the Quest Log menu
    • Fixed some critical message from appearing even if HUD is set to minimal
    • Fixed health bar display when aiming at Ptolemaic Champions
    • Fixed missing Quest Icon in Daily Quest
    • Fixed issue preventing research folders from opening in Present Day menu
    • Fixed material icons display when deploying Senu
    • Fixed an issue where the combat feedback could remain visible after combat ended
    • Fixed an issue where the "God Slayer" Ubisoft Club Action and Badge were not unlocked upon meeting the proper requirements
    • Fixed an issue where world map would be desaturated if opened inside a tomb
    • Fixed inconsistencies in crafted gear preview stats when item was already fully upgraded
    • Fixed refresh issue where the Ancient Maps Pack remains present in the Store after purchasing any other Map
    • Fixed last row of the Trinkets menu not being displayed correctly in inventory page of the menu
    • Fixed several issues with suggested level for quests in the menu
    • Fixed ellipsis glyph in Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese fonts
    • Fixed various visual and functionality, menu issues
    • [PC] Added Very Low value for Clutter Graphics option
    • [PC] Added tooltip images for all Graphics options
    • [PC] Added Lock Sensitivity option
    • [PC] Improved M&K controls in Eagle Mode and Stone Circles
    • [PC] Improved warning feedback on key mapping repetition
    • [PC] Removed the option to control quality level of Global Illumination
    • [PC] Hid the playable character from the Performance Tool page
    • [PC] Fixed overlapping button icons in the Block and Aim tutorial text when dual keys are assigned to these action
    • [PC] Fixed the Tobii Eye Auto Pause function when Auto Pause Delay is set to 5/5

    If you have any issues, please contact customer support for further assistance.
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    Patch Notes have been updated with the previously missing changes to the photo mode.
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    The Patch is now available on all platforms.
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