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    Shipement question

    SO my dawn of the creed edition was shipped, yaaay!

    Only thing that freaks me out that i live in UK, bought game in uk store and when i see my tracking info, the actual game is coming all the way from Germany! Is that something normal ?
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    Hey DanonMight,

    This is normal!

    We use DHL for shipping and then a UK courier for delivery.

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    Same Situation

    hey, same situation here... have you had it delivered to you yet? or tracking been updated? mine tracking still wont display anything ? i had an email 3 days ago saying 'my order has been fully processed and handed to the carrier? cheers
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    same here, spoke to ubi live chat support, gave me a link and they appear to be sat in Germany still. other people have been notified and given digital game codes and merchandise. not us apparantly
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    Really? can anyone confirm this? we spent alot of money on this game so i would have expected better support?
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    I'm in the UK as well. Got notification around 23:30 last night confirming that Origins was in the UK, at the warehouse and I would receive it today. Today at 1430 the tracker update with a Revised delivery date of Monday, with the game not having moved from where it was last night. Anyone else with the same experience?
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    I'm in the UK too and my Dawn of the Creed Edition is still sat in Germany not doing anything as far as I'm aware. I've tried opening a support case with Ubisoft and messaged them through Facebook and Twitter and I've not heard anything back from them. It's a bit ridiculous to be honest because some people have been sent a digital copy of the game so they can start playing on release day, a free Limited Edition Assassin’s Creed Lithograph for the inconvenience and confirmation that they will have their game on Monday, however I can't even get a simple response back from them...
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    Its Ridiculous (Also in the UK) i should have kept my preorder with amazon... but i love the creed series so i wanted to put extra money into getting the dawn of the creed edition...ive been messaging opening a case and live chat to hear nothing...my tracking still not even showing anything...for the price i paid this is so not on.

    if people are getting free codes for the game i hope we do also as to not play this game on release date is not right
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    Fri, 27.10.17 14:32 United Kingdom The shipment has arrived in the destination country

    ABOUT BLOODY TIME... We should have received it today, not sometime in the future.
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    We are supposed to receive a code to download it today, but it seems like Ubisoft isn't going to follow through with that promise either. Seems like the best bet is to not buy anything from the Ubisoft store again.
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