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    Old Habits glitch

    Okay, I am pretty sure I covered each location and yet, no trophy popped for me.
    I have researched a bit and as it turns out, other players have encountered this as well.

    They claim it to be due to a certain action during the mission "Aya: Blade of the Goddess".
    When you complete a location while playing with Aya, you render this trophy unobtainable.

    Can someone confirm this, because if that's the case .. I need to restart the ENTIRE game.
    start from scratch and go through the whole deal again, grinding to lvl40 etc. to get every location and complete it.

    And hell no, I am in no mood for that! I'm 80+ hours in and nope, I don't want to go over this again.
    So please, someone tell me I'm not glitched ...

    Help me please! I'm one trophy away from the platinum and man, if I have to restart this whole game again, I'm about to snap!
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    I am sorry to hear that this trophy has not unlocked, this is not a known issue to our knowledge as other players have successfully unlocked this, however we have received a report from one other player who is also unable to unlock the trophy.

    This trophy requires you to complete all locations. In order to complete a given location you must finish all of its missions which are displayed upon entering it or after highlighting it on the world map. You may have to, e.g. find a treasure chest, kill a captain, find a papyrus or hunt a rare animal.

    Please check online as there are suggestions from other players who have unlocked this. However if you continue to experience issues unlocking this please update this thread and I will pass this feedback on to the Assassin's Creed Origins team to investigate further.
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    Same issue

    I couldn't unlock the "Old Habits" trophy either and I recall completing a few locations while playing as Aya. I've read up on it and it seems to be confirmed by many others. Please fix this!
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    Same thing has happened to me. Aya opened the viewpoint at the fort on the isle north of Alexandria as she played through there, every single viewpoint on my map shows completion, yet no achievement. On a PC.
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    This glitch needs to be fixed, asking someone to play through the game again for another 76 hours or more is not acceptable.
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    I am also suffering from this glitch. I can't remember if I collected anything while playing as Aya. I've been up and down the map checking everything over and over. Everything is unlocked and complete. I've even been to the hidden question mark east of Siwa. This achievement is broken and needs fixing. It was a great game but there is no way I'm playing through it again anytime soon... All these hours spent aiming for the old habits achievement and nothing to show for it is unacceptable.
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    same issue but with mine Pharos Garrison popup says Captain 1/1, Commander 1/1 Loot Treasure 1/2, have been back multiple times but both chests are open with no option to loot. I do know I opened both chests while doing Aya's quest in there.
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    Hello, UBISOFT developers...

    You guys have made a fantastic game and I've enjoyed over 50 hours of it so far. So much so, that I took it upon myself to go after the Old Habits trophy. Having completed every single location, made my list, and checked it twice, however there is one issue -- since I looted a container as Aya as part of your fantastic story, I can now not retrieve the last loot as Bayek. As such. I cannot obtain the Platinum Trophy that I earned for this game.

    I know you guys are super busy, however as a day one supporter of the Assassin's Creed franchise from the very first game, fixing this issue would really mean a lot to fans like myself.

    Considering how big this world is, it's a pretty good testament to you guys how sound the game is in terms of issues.

    Any chance this will be remedied soon for those of use who have inadvertently stumbled into this bug after sinking a couple days of our lives into this world you've created? I realize it wasn't intended, however the impression it's leaving on an otherwise fantastic experience is tarnishing it a great deal. I think it's because of the amount of time investment this particular trophy calls for, of which only your most ardent fans are going to attempt, that's the crux of those sentiments.

    I'd be swinging from the rafters telling people they need to play this game, and I definitely would do so if you guys fixed this quickly.

    Thank you!
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    Old Habits Trophy Glitch

    I am pretty sure that I covered everything on the map, however I am sure that as Aya during the Blade of the Goddess mission I must have looted something during the mission and am unable to collect the trophy in order to platinum the game. I hope you guys can patch this issue, it seems that other people are having this problem.
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    Same issue here, although I can't seem to recall whether or not if I unlocked anything as Aya but I have searched the entire map multiple times. All the locations are done and I still don't have the achievement. Yes I have hoteph cave east of Siwa.
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