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    Bug no troféu Velhos Hábitos

    Por favor Ubisoft para de passar vergonha e corrija o erro desse troféu, já desbloqueei tudo no mapa e o troféu não apareceu pra mim, por favor e não me mande jogar o jogo de novo porque tenho quase 120 horas de jogo.
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    Old habits

    Same for me no trophy . My bad found my last one was the lost village in GIZA
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    location counter...

    A location counter stating "completed / total" would be appreciated... I mean, there was one for each item in AC Syndicate guys!
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    Complete, 100%..still no old habits!

    I didnt even start the game until after the 1.05 patch so its not the aya/bayek thing..I've 100%(ed)the game, switched to incomplete locations with map and scoured it with no missing locations, visited all known hidden locations and tried everything I can. Its the only trophy I am missing other than platinum for full completion.
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    Old Habbits!! Locked Treasure?!

    I’ve completed every location except I missed a treasure chest in Cyrene, in a building that apparently you can only go in during the cat and mouse quest!! WTF! If I start over, do I need to replay every location, or just that one? Also why lock this building????
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    I was convinced - But there ISN'T a glitch!

    After looking for literally months and getting my housemates to scan the map I was convinced there was a glitch.

    But last night we found a '?' in philadelphia right by the water!

    Honestly. Just keep looking!

    I can't believe how long it look to find it. I was sure after scanning the map sooo many freaking times I hadn't missed anything. But there it was!

    Forget about the Aya glitch. I pretty sure I did loads of running around and looting as her.

    It may drive you crazy but KEEP LOOKING!
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    Originally Posted by SLAyER_0307 Go to original post
    I was going to crazy but then I found the last one. The trick is turn your brtightness to zero then you will be able to see your missing one.
    Thank you! Now I found the last one in the white desert, which I never saw until then.

    It would have been a greate idea to add the area-completion stats like they had in black flag and syndicate. (Don't remember if they were in other AC-Games as well)
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    Old Habits

    I'm also having an issue with this. I've gone location by location with various spreadsheets as well as tried the "Uncompleted Locations" option on the map but nothing. I can't say I'm 100% certain I've hit every location, but I'm about as close to 100% as one can get.

    If you're going to make people track down 400+ locations, you really should have a location completed counter, preferably by region. This is crazy. I'm 70 hours into a game and have no idea if I'm going to get the platinum or not. And if I don't get it, it will be because (most likely) an issue with the game. That's not a cool thing to do to your customers.

    I hope I can update this later with a "never mind, I got it" but at this point I'm ready to give up. I've been hunting for this "missing" location for 2 days now.
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    If they just kept the functionality of the sync points that revealed all of the points of interest on the map after you’ve done the synchronization, it would have been great. The sync points are virtually useless now, and it’s dumb that they make you comb through the entire world just to find one missing location on the map.
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    Hello 99% club, new member here.....sucks.......ugh.
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