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    Why is my origins audio so bad?!?!?

    I just bought the game and the audio is so muffled and bad and I tried changing my ps4 audio settings and used different headsets, still bad. The **** is this?!! Unacceptable since the game has been out since 2 damn years. How do I fix it?????? I swear if there’s no fix I’m gonna refund this game
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    There's no known issues with the audio being as you describe. Do you get the same issues when playing through the TV speakers rather than a headset?

    You can try going in the sound options in game and the sound options on the PS4 and changing any settings in there that you have access to and seeing if these help.
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    it doesnt help

    First of all your support system stinks. It was so much harder to get here where I can make my own question. I was stuck in FAQ for so long that now im so done...
    Now to the issue at end. I want to know why Assassins Creed Origins has a crackling sound all the time. I cannot play the game and it is really grinding my gears. I need help solving this or a refund. It's impossible to play the game like this. And to save you the trouble, it's not from my computer, is from the game. I can hear perfectly other games and videos.
    I hope i hear from you soon.
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