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    R6 Community Discusses - Operator Design Ideas

    Hello and welcome back to the R6 Community Discusses Series!

    The goal of this series is to open conversation on specific topics so players can share their feedback, suggestions, and share tips&strategies with their fellow players. We encourage newer players to ask questions and for our more experienced users to offer whatever advice they can on the subject. Any posts that detract from the discussion, target other users specifically, or are offensive in general will be removed.

    This week we'd like to hear about your Operator Design Ideas!

    Not just visual design, (although we'd love to see your doodles or mock-ups) tell us about the operator's gadget, loadout options, and even their backstory if you have one in mind. Tell us why your operator would work in Siege and how you think they would effect the meta. We look forward to seeing what you all come up with!
    -just to clarify, we're talking about NEW operators, not redesigns/adjustments to current ops-

    Feel free to share your thoughts on the ideas of your fellow users but keep it respectful or your posts will be removed.

    And as always, feel free to join any of our previous discussions here: R6 Discusses - All Topics
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    Well a very popular suggestion that i hear a lot is an attacking medic, i guess to stop it from simply being a carbon copy from the defending team doc, it could carry only 2 bandages pack, they would recover 50 health, he would to be right next to the operator he wants to heal so they both would need to stop what they are doing, and maybe let him give an single adrenalina boost to any operator that would guarantee that they would get downed instead of killed by anything other than a headshot? this is more of rambling of something that would be nice to have an equivalent on the attacking team really. I mean there is bunch of small gimmicks to explore, flying drone for attacker, a ballistic transparent shield with some full auto pistol or SMG that has breakable shield instead of a completely indestructable one, a shield with some crazy gun like taurus judge that is an shotgun revolver, some kind of sapper that could make people hud disappear, an tazer operator, bolt action sniper operator

    If i were to make an more honest original approach, probably an attacker that has a pump shotgun only as an primary, but has multiple ammo types that he can switch between 3 ammo types, an HE/Breaching round single projectile around 40 damage would destroy barricades in 1 shot, small blast radius with reduced damage so it couldn't be used to simply lame out fights from safe spots, Slug rounds for long range engagement and regular ones, maybe a burst fire pistol for secondary since we still don't have one of those and could be interesting to see a burst fire only weapon if they would be strong as full auto secondaries or not, while limiting him to only one gun also giving him tools to work around his limited loudout
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    The defenders could use an operator that has a resupply crate that has 5 uses. It could give 1 extra reinforcement panel and 1 magazine of ammo.
    While also returning 1 operators gadget randomly and only one chance of getting it.
    Meaning out of the 5 players not including your own gadget has a chance to return 1 person gadget on your team.

    I also would think it would be nice to have a specialist operator that knows how everyone's gadget works and can use what remains on their dead body. Or at least pick up their weapon.

    An attacker that's an hacker would be good to somebody who could tap into cameras and gadgets of the defenders.

    A really good operator that attacks would be one who has a device that mimics other sounds. Like a door breaking or foot steps. Think about it it mimic gadget sounds such as Thermite or Hibana even sledge.

    It sounds useless but it will cause a slight confusion and make a defender look away from his post.
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    Mike (Dundee) Hollander <Gunslinger>

    Born on his fathers farm in the Australian desert February 1987, he grew up knowing how to use a gun. He learned to wield a revolver fast and has a quick hand for it. Joined the Australian Royal Air Force, he worked his way through the ranks and landed in Perth's Tactical Assault Group (TAG) where he is known for his quick drawing skills, and his impressive accuracy.

    Primary Weapons: a semi automatic rotating bolt rifle, and fully automatic AR
    Secondary Weapons: sawed off double barrel
    Speed: 2
    Armor: 2
    Special Ability: Has a permanent double action revolver sidearm that is quick drawn at the touch of the button.
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    it would be nice if you put Italian operators: NOCS (state police, special forces).

    equipped with riflesassault: HK MP-5 and Beretta AR 70/90.

    pump gun: gauge 12.

    guns: Beretta 92FS and Colt 1911 and Glock

    here you see everything:

    Blue uniform (like the GIGN) protections: bulletproof vest, knee pad, kalviar helmet.

    I would propose to do both (defender, striker) at speed 2, armor 2. a man operator and a female operator.

    please if you are interested write something! Thanks for the attention.
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    Ladder Defense Operator

    I have posted this idea before on threads, but definitely think this would shift the Meta.

    Defense Operator
    Deploy-able ladder, for Hatches only. 2 Ladders
    This operator would probably be a 2 speed. Open to speculation (obviously)
    He would need to have a shotgun as a main, or secondary, or he would need impact grenades.

    I understand the issue may be that the roof hatches would create unwanted defender roams. Perhaps making it so he can put the ladder on all but the roof hatches could maybe fix this. Or perhaps he can only put the ladder on the hatch from above? However, this would make it harder for him to have a good unsuspected roam game after the round has started, so preferably we don't go with the latter.. option.
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    I'll just spit ball a few ideas down below with french lines, that I've had lingering in the back of my head:

    - An attacking shield operator with the ability to charge through unreinforced walls and barricaded doors.
    - An attacker with a drone that's used for hacking into enemy cameras to grant himself/his team eyes through that camera (would work on both Black Eyes and map cameras).
    - A defender with a small laser-based detection device they could freely deploy against walls. When an enemy passes this device position would be pinged to the defenders quietly.
    - Instead of a defender with the ability to scale hatches like suggested above, have it be an attacker.
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    An area adjacent to a location
    -I'm not sure there is really anyone that could be considered a direct counter to Glaz, so maybe a defender with something like a small space heater or something that could be placed behind a window/doorway, severely limiting the effectiveness of Glaz's thermal filter.

    -Someone above mentioned a defender with a ladder, which is somethingI've thought of before but always thought of as more a tool for attackers. In the hands of an attacker, it feels like it could be used to turn drop down hatches against defenders.

    -An attacker who hands out cyanide capsules or some such thing that you can use in DBNO state to kill yourself and avoid interrogation by Cav.
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    Speed Doc

    instead of having Doc which gives you health an operator who can give you an extra boost of speed like in Call of Duty Modern Warfare the death streak juiced this will give a 1 speed operator a quick boost of a 2 speed operator.
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    weapons and background

    For the operator with the "speed booster" his primary choices would be a ak-74 u and a 5 shot slug shotgun. his secondary will be a 40 caliber glock 17 with a mag size of 10. this operator will also be a 3 speed operator so he can not boost himself and get a huge advantage over the playing field. The operator will have a background in the middle east area stationed there with the operator Blackbeard, he earned awards for bravery in the battle field when he used his prototype C3-F5 serum to rush behind enemy lines to save hostages and POW. He worked on his C3-F5 serum and made a concentrated version which can grant a person the ability to run faster without feeling exhausted.
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