So Since I lost all My Xbox One Trials Content Cause Of A System Failure, I Started Building On Ps4 & Found Cross Compatible Button Mapping Is Broken.

I Released a Map SkillGame Called FPS Rig For Button Mapping Testing From Ps4 To Xbox & Tested Each Map, Works Fine On PS4 & On Xbox it's **** !
If On Xbox I Make A Map It works Fine on any other platform PC & Ps4 Just fine, But Ps4 To Xbox Is really badly broken & needs to be fixed Please Fix it
I Can Create a Video With Voiceover To show you guys the compare between the 2 If does not get fixed soon regardless if your work on other projects !

It's not fair How One Platform can work for all But the other does not, It should be equal = The Same, I Can understand if only one or 2 buttons were off but the entire button inputs don't work, Only the Left & Right Sticks ! I Still Love Trials Fusion But this is unacceptable !