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    still not resolved after the last update. Are you finally going to deal with this problem? it's been 3 weeks since the game came out and we have to play with poor audio quality. It might be time to give us an answer
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    Cheers everybody,

    I have the same issue on PS4. Audio quality in dialogues is extremely low (what is it - 11 kHz or something about?). Come on Ubisoft. Latest patch (1.05) didn't cover that particular issue. You're ruining fun of play with that low quality. Do something ASAP please.
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    audio issue

    your not the only one this video is of last night and my god it was worse in some other areas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4aCVa9StbA how they have not patched this il never know lol skip to round about 30 seconds before the end. and they only used one voice actor for the men and women of the game?! talk about cheap and cutting corners
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    1 month after, still an unplayable game due to the very very low voices audio quality.
    In which patch can we expect this major issue to be fixed ?
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    Yeah, it's really unplayable with this voice audio quality. Just bought five days ago Origins on the PSN Store and was really hyped to play it, but then i noticed this issue and it immediately ruined my experience with the game.
    Four days ago I've created another Thread of this issue, and Ubi-Keo answered me that he "can confirm that this has already been reported and the Assassin's Creed Origins team are aware of this".

    I hope that this gets fixed in the next patch, it's so pathetic that this issue exists since the launch.

    My thread if anyone wants to see the source:
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    Did anyone in this thread get it resolved? I'm on PS4 Pro. I've opened a ticket with Ubisoft and tried reaching out to an Ubi moderator in other threads but haven't received a response...
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    Originally Posted by Doc_Gerbil_1 Go to original post
    Did anyone in this thread get it resolved? I'm on PS4 Pro. I've opened a ticket with Ubisoft and tried reaching out to an Ubi moderator in other threads but haven't received a response...
    Unfortunately not, Doc_Gerbil ...
    I tried to get Ubisoft to fix this, so I created a ticket and sent them a audio file of a dialogue too. However, after several weeks/months with late respones of the support, they said that the voices sound how they are intended.

    At this point I already gave up on the support and the patch team. I was already halway trough the game. And now, yesterday I finally beat the game with the dialogue bug in it.
    Actually it's not that big of a immersion killer, because you get used to it. I would advise you to play the game with this bug, otherwise you might be waiting a long time to get this problem resolved by the devs.
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    I seem to be having this issue now too after the most recent patch. The one in February possibly (at least when I downloaded the patch). When Bayek and other NPC's talk, the audio is very quiet and sometimes seems like there is no audio. I didn't have the problem before the most recent patch. I am on Xbox One.
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    Strange Heartbeat Sound

    Originally Posted by piou_piou88 Go to original post
    Tomorrow is patch 1.05 on PS4, and I do not have the impression at first sight that audio problems are fixed. Could someone from ubisoft tell us if this problem is known and if this patch or a future patch will correct this problem. Because here it's getting long.

    thank you

    Hello all,

    New to all this and I'm trying to find out if I have a unique sound annomilly or this is a known issue for everyone.

    When there's nothing playing and I'm just on the main menu screen I have a low thumping sound like a heartbeat in the background.
    I've noticed this sound is there permanently all the time and is in the background of everything you do, playing games, browsing the web, it's there just all the time, obviously you notice it more when you're not playing a game.

    Is this sound part of the Playstation or is it a fault with my audio setup?

    Thank in advance.
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