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    NO players!

    Why are there no players in skirmish on Xbox?
    Not enough invites sent out?
    Is match making broken or are there just not enough players?
    Why does it keep putting me into empty games skirmish/last stand?
    Can't test skirmish if no one to play with lol
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    Thats not a bug thats a side effect of handing out 10k invites for pve content to pvp players their all in dz I have this issue everytime I run pier 93
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    NO one in the DZ or last stand as far as I can tell.
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    Seems like you and I end up always together in 1v1 when matchmaking (GT : The Moustaches).

    I agree, there's NO ONE in matchmaking:

    DZ is empty
    LS is empty
    Resistance is empty

    Skirmish is kinda populated sometimes.

    Cool to see you're actually one of the few giving feedback in here.
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    I was in there with a couple friends the first couple days it was made available (in Australia).
    Found it was very imbalanced, I was shooting a player in the head as he just walked past while he was firing at another person and very little of his health dropped down. He should have be terminated. And this happened every game instance.

    The sound was screwed up again too. As we were running to another section, my team mate was running in front of me about 3-5m in front but it sounded like he was running behind me, just off to the left. As well as many other things I've mentioned and will mention when I can test phase #2 or #3. I'm waiting for the next update to the PTS
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    I pumped around 10 hours into PTS to try out Skirmish and found that TTK is too high. That set me off and I didn't log in after that. The House was the meta at that time which is now being nerfed. Then I ventured into Dz where ridiculous 7v1 ended me in seconds. Again TTK put me off. Then I went to explore West Pier and found that to be entertaining. Unfortunately, there were not enough player with whom I can group up. I reached wave 10 by myself and that was the only time I played any PVE content there.
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    Maybe if I could log in without getting delta error with every character I could actually play with you all.
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    Originally Posted by SARGEROK34 Go to original post
    Maybe if I could log in without getting delta error with every character I could actually play with you all.
    I keep getting delta'd on xbox one, I can only get as far as my player choice, then continue game....then Delta....rinse and repeat
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