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    No dialogue bug workaround

    It is a known issue that some people can not hear dialogue during cutscenes and voices in general are barely audible. I was one of those people but after searching around a bit this is a workaround on windows that I have found:

    First off you need to have an audio device that connects with an audio jack (just a cable or earbuds will do the trick.
    Right click the volume on taskbar and select 'Playback devices'. Make sure the audio jack output is set as default.
    Next click on the tab above to go to 'Recording devices'. Right click in the menu and show disabled devices, a device called 'Stereo mix' should pop up at this point.
    Select stereo mix as your default recording device and go to its properties (right click on it). This will open a nez window, go to 'Listen' and enable 'Listen to this device'. As playback device select your usual headset.

    This should give you your audio back, however at a lower quality (since it is audio jack output).
    It is not a great solution but I hope it might help some of you out
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    Hello Assassin! Thank you for taking the time to provide this information to the community. Our team appreciated your contribution and we too hope this will help resolve some of the issues players are experiencing at this time until our team is able to address this. We have been making note of all of the information you guys have provided regarding this and it will be very useful to our team, so thank you guys. If anyone would like to submit some more information or see if there's any additional steps they can do to help bypass this for now, please reach out to our technical support team. Thank you.
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