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    Guys use the "share" button on the ps controller and record the matches, you can always delete all videos at once if the ps4 gets full anyway, if you forget to do this and you are killed, do still record after you're killed because you might get killed or record them killing other team mate, get this video take screenshots and open a case in the ubisoft support page, even if it's a lot of work it will probably pay off as the evidence is there, a short ban of even 1 day will make the players rethink, if they repeat the same mistake and are recorded doing so they will simply get a longer ban (hopefully), do not kill them back as you might be the one that gets banned. I opened a case with videos against TGK_likkleskiz, alhamdan589 and Q8_ALFOUDRi_Q8-_. If it depends on me then the list will keep growing
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    Team killing still rampant new system is ineffective

    I have played r6 since release with the same issues in the last 3 seasons, intentional team kills I drop the ball look the wrong way and the beginning of the next round I get shot in the back of the head. I report it as intentional and the next guy on the team does the same thing. I have been able to play maybe 1 in 3 matches especially lately due to team killing. I personally believe that intentional team killing being marked as such should (after multiple) result in banning. The game is great other than the EXTREMELY TOXIC garbage put forth by a bunch of stupid kids. What is Ubisoft doing about any of this? My view is nothing. The community has lost and will continue to lose players until it is fixed.
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    Reminder that necro-ing old threads is against our forum rules, but if you are passionate about this topic, You are more than welcome to open up another thread!
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