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    I addressed your ideas with facts, not 'what ifs' based off a single round of me getting an accidental team kill.

    The incident:
    While playing Casual on Skyscraper as an Attacker in round one I was at the top of a staircase shooting across the room at a defender. A team mate strafed in (apparently ignoring that I was there or just wanting the kill for himself) and got between me and the defender resulting in him being team killed. His health was low because he dropped almost instantly when he crossed in front of me shooting the Defender. The next round he killed me then left.
    Return damage
    This would put me at a bigger disadvantage, giving the defender I was firing on fewer hits to kill me for the player crossing my stream.
    Die at the start of next round
    This would make every accidental team kill die. There are videos all over YouTube of players getting accidental team kills with Nitro Cells and having accidental team kills due to a OpFor running between the player and a team mate.
    Give the victim the choice of kill now, kill next round, or forgive
    This can be easily trolled as the current system is already trolled. Trolls will shoot a player to get them to team kill them in order to get them kicked. That system would just give them a new way to troll and handicap a team.
    If the player leaves within 5 minutes after a team kill, suspend them
    This one is the only one I agree with as usually accidental team kills don't bail afterwards as I didn't. I accidentally killed the team mate, he killed me at the start of the next round and then left (either willingly or by being kicked) where as I stayed because I didn't mean to shoot him.

    As for other FPSs, most of them have a friendly fire option to turn off, but this game is about team strategy which requires it to be on as not shooting your team mates and being aware of your surroundings is part of the strategy. Other FPSs don't stress team work as COD, Medal of Honor, and Battlefield let you go off on your own in rather large maps while this game wants teams to work together, talk, etc. to create strategies on the fly to get the OpFor in confined maps. I've seen CoD and MoH referred to as run and gun due to little strategy to them.
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    Team killing and toxic

    a guy named Striker.DGTL my clan member has been team killing and screaming ***** please ban him he is toxic
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    Team killing from squads

    When in a casual match and you find yourself teamed up with another squad of 2-3 players and they begin to team kill purposely, they are impossible to remove from a match since their friends refuse to add a vote to kick them. This happens on multiple occasions and it would be better if it was not necessary to have the votes of their squad mates to remove a team killer. To add to this, those squad members tend to swap out who kills another to allow for them to remain in the game. I just wish to bring awareness to this and hope something can be implemented in th game to allow these squad-players to be kick for team killing by making it where their squad mates canít vote.
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    Team killing getting worse

    Originally Posted by Ubi-Boat Go to original post
    Thank you for the feedback and suggestions, Xeon_Skyline! This is a suggestion we're seeing more often. I have linked this thread in my report that will be sent to the team.
    Team killing should have consequences for example if I get booted for team killing I should recieve a time lock on all online game modes or grouping them up with other team killers if they persistently do so as too give them a taste of their own medicine the amount of times I got team killed last night like 4 out of 5 games full of team killers this was in terrorist hunt
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    Team killing lite

    Been playing in Ranked and have found that some players are doing calculated hits with lower damage weapons to bring your health down to next to nothing without actually killing you. Obviously this avoids a full on penalty for team killing but absolutely ruins all your chances of surviving any encounters with enemy players. I have reported players for toxic behavior in the past but I have been so frustrated by the behavior that I may or may not have retaliated and gotten penalized. In short Iím not certain how Ubisoft can adjust for these types of behaviors. Great game, love it to death. Wish the trolls would find a new place to play.
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    Retaliation temkill back ok for me

    When a blatant team killing happens. Ie during a firefight casualty happens by friendly fire. But if your prepping obj. And the replay shows a blatant teamkill. I stay quiet then start of next round I shout them dead. Use to ask the why why ya do that.the. Next round team starts lauhhing. So now if no vote or no ones mention it. Iíll shoot the one who engaged me. Ithinkthis is fair. It happens at the start. Iím gonna
    From now on.m
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    Why not just kick?

    I mean if you get team killed should you not have the right to choose whether they get to stay. Now everyone will say this will get exploited but I mean what they are doing is ****. Then this could tie into some reputation system where if the were kicked for multiple bans begin to be passed out
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    Friendly fire is not the answer. Either hold off firing or shoot. Tena
    Members should not cross ( they also do it to get a kill them blame you.) Banning Would be a legal matter? Imo. I think Ubisoft is doing a great job as it stands. Good game
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    team killing

    It is very anoying . Happen 10/4 round . There must be an option just like in pubg. If you die by team kill u can watch the death cam and decide it was willingly or not. Usually it is. No1 will report an accident . Must be admins who check this reported gameplays and if it happen with the same player more than 3 time give him permanant bann. its ruin the r6 community. if there is a report for toxic behaviour there must be team kill report...first kill 1 hour bann . second kill one day bann. third times a week. keep doing it permanant. pls do something...sry for my english
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    I'm reporting a toxic-teamkiller player

    Round start. Chalet. Beedrooms. A player reinforce btw bombs, i put a ping with a question mark in chat, not a word. Got tk and insulted by him and his friend, they also insult enemy team... The names were TheUnst4ble and TheStable, hope they ll get ban due to their toxicity
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