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    Annoverse - Anno Fan Discord


    We created a new Anno-Discord, the Annoverse! We are not only focused on the upcoming Anno 1800 but also on the older Annos. You can also group together for a multiplayer session, just chat casually or discuss the newest Anno-Union posts. We are still at the beginning, but we are always open and thankful for critique, suggestions or just some nice words. We are not connected to Ubisoft BlueByte.

    Link : https://discord.gg/V4xhZ8Z

    Please make sure to read the rules and to say hello in the flagship-channel.

    We look forward to seeing you on the server!

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    It's been almost two years, and we're still here! On the occasion of the approaching release, here's a new version of the text.

    Dear Annoholics, the Anno 1800 beta is just around the corner and the same goes for the final release. If you're feeling a similar anticipation we're feeling right now, you might want to take a look into our Discord-Server, the Annoverse!


    We're the biggest Discord-Server for the Anno-Series. You'll always find someone to chatter about past, current and future games of the series. We're keen to help with technical problems or other questions regarding these games.

    We'll also keep you up to date about the latest news regarding Anno. Apart from that, we're hosting the official roundtables by BlueByte on our server from time to time aswell. We are looking forward for 1800 but even more so for your visit. Full steam ahead!
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