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    They focus on gameplay problems, but not with CPU problem. NICE UBISOFT...
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    Patch 1.03 ... Suddenly the CPU is down from nearly 100% all the time to around 60-70% most of the time for me now, very suspicious whatever they're doing there I'd say!
    The sound issues are still not fixed, have to fix it every time when I start the game to hear the dialogue sound.
    Very disappointed with ACO so far, because it looks like the game could be fun, but with all the problems especially on PC again its a disaster for such a big release. Without people posting on the forum how to fix the sound problem i still couldn't play at all.
    Seriously, what is the point of preordering games nowadays? The overall quality of games is going down since years, especially at the release most of the games are like alpha/beta games ... can't enjoy the game anyways until it's fixed after some patches.
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    Dear Ubisfot

    Can You answer Me that why all your games are unplayable on i5 processor? 100% usage In Assassins Creed Unity,Assasins Creed Syndicate,Ghos Recon Wildlands,The Divison,Watch Dogs 2

    so tell you players that "If you want playin in ours games bought i7",and that be more fair.Play Fair Ubisfot.,and respect PC players
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    My performance has slightly increased, tried several times. Gained 2fps on average, mostly from increasing minimum fps. Much less micro stuttering here.
    GPU is slightly more loaded as well, CPU is 100% all the time. Menu CPU usage dropped from 70% to 60%.
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    Max pre rendered frame

    Put max pre rendered frame to 1 in nvidia control panel will help
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    Originally Posted by elieselhachem Go to original post
    Put max pre rendered frame to 1 in nvidia control panel will help
    It's already 1, and it wont help for tworeasons:
    - I'm running G-Sync and high refresh rate, so it's already 1
    - max prerendered frames helps only in cases when GPU is the bottleneck, so the CPU has some time to prepare next frames. This isn't the case here, cuz CPU is the bottleneck and GPU is underutilized.
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    CPU usage hasn't come down for me with patch 1.03. Still seeing a constant 100% in Memphis, makes the frame rate drop as low as 48 FPS when GPU is only at 60%.

    i5-4670K @ 4.4 GHz
    GTX 1070
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    i5 6600k 4.10 and r9 390 can't get this game to run well in any settings always 100% cpu usage even after patch.
    Next time I'm buying it on steam so I can refound so frustrating that ubisoft can't say anything clear.
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    Still BSOD for me with this game (and only this game) after 1.03. Still no fix for low sounds too. But hey! We got new photo mode stuff! Cause that's what's important, right?
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    I gave AC:O another go while waiting for the refund to come through, and played with the diagnostics HUD (F1). Both CPU and GPU are running at 100%.
    Now i'm not all overly techsavvy, but if the CPU is bottlenecking then the GPU wouldn't be running at 100% would it? Unless they are perfectly evenly balanced
    which a non OC 6700K and 1080Ti ain't.

    So far i haven't seen any improvement from the 25mb update i had to DL while starting AC:O up.
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