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    bug: unable to open restock box (Piers North, in front of CERA - State building)

    repro steps
    setup: if ammo is "fully stocked", fire a few rounds
    1. from Camp Clinton, navigate to coordinates 2364, 898
    2. observe restock box, in front of CERA - State building
    3. while standing in front of box, observe no (x) open is displayed
    4. if you press "x", unable to restock ammo

    note: occasionally, while moving around the restock box and pressing "x", I can see the (x) open text. unfortunately, I have been unable to activate it and restock my ammo

    actual behavior
    no (x) open displayed for restock box. unable to restock ammo supplies

    expected behavior
    UI to display (x) open text and allow player to restock ammo

    repro 2x
    - fast traveled to Camp Clinton
    - quit game from Xbox Guide
    - re-launched 1.8 PTS and followed steps above
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    Hey niteowl,

    Can you confirm that this ammo box is on W. 53rd Street? That one has already been reported as bugged. If not, I'll add this to the list.
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    sorry for the slow reply...yes, this is the restock box in front of CERA bldg, on W 53rd st
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