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    Patch Notes: TU5 Pro Tips

    The Main Focus of this patch is to introduce Gameplay Tips in the game, to help players who struggle on some Battles and teach some mechanics that might be missed by some players.

    Loading Tips:

    While players are getting ready for their next Battle during a Loading Screen, they will now be able to scroll between different Tips providing advice and details about the game based on its current progression.

    Rework the Preparation Phase:

    Players will now have direct access to Battle HQ during the preparation phase. Of course, players can still jump directly to the heat of the Battle. But why not take some time upgrading their heroes to try out some of the Tips read during the Loading?

    Game Over Tips:

    Every time a Battle is lost, the game will now provide Pro Tips to help Players succeed on the next try. Tips are tailored for battles to offer the most relevant advice when needed.

    Battles Balancing:

    Two battles are now easier as they represented a difficulty spike in the overall difficulty curve:

    • World 2-2 Battle 1: UNDERGARMENT GULCH
    • World 2-4 Battle 1: SQUARE ONE

    Various Bug Fixes
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    Predicting the next update...

    Maybe you add Toad and Toadette in the next DLC update?
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