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    What happened to the I in AI

    These level 2 bots that are always
    On my team are worse than someone who has never even touched to game until now. They are pathetic shells of players that will never be good. I suggest either making bots intelligent or giving some kind of buff to a team that has bots, getting better the more bots they have.
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    The thing is in an objective based game there are so many variables that it is next to impossible to give a bot human level intelligence in terms of decision making. To highlight, here are two plays I have had in dominion.

    In one game as my peacekeeper, I ran towards my opposing team's last held zone,I had thought there was one person guarding it, turned out there were another two just around the corner. Now I realised that the best thing I could do, rather than engage those three or run away to live another fight, was to keep the three of them in a white zone as long as possible. I managed to do this for 90 seconds dodging and popping revenge when it came, in the space of this time,my team made 450 points on the opponents, individually,I got nothing but a death. You can't program a bot to make a choice like that, individually it makes no sense at all, the strength was in what it gave the team.

    The other,my team were 300 down in breaking.The four of us had managed to group up and were keeping a zone boosted while two of us were taking out opponents that were coming at us in ones and twos. This was a good start but the timer was going to run down on us. I managed to get across to the other zone, having to avoid one of the other team on the way,turned the zone and I had to hold it for half a minute while the rest of the team were boosting and defending, we managed to put them into breaking, reset the game over clock back to three minutes and eventually wound up winning.Again, how do you get a bot to realise it needs to join three in a zone, that they need to run groups of two in keeping the opponents out of our only zone and health as high as possible all around and then that we will lose on the timer if we don't take a risk? A pug group can do it, this was a pug group, but I doubt a bot could have managed that however it was programmed.
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    But still, bots should easily be able to attempt those tasks you mentioned without trouble. You should be able to command a bot to go to Zone C by using the locations. When I use that, and see a bot run halfway there only to stop and literally stretch like they are tired, then run off in the opposite direction. You can't program it to make those decisions, sacrifice itself for the team and hold up enemies, but you can program it to respond to orders and actively realize that one point is not friendly and it should head in that direction.

    Piggy backing off the last point, if three of us are together holding off on one point and there is a bot doing its own thing somewhere, all 3 of us spamming Group Up! and our current location on a zone should make the bot come to us right? Half the time it actually does, but it often doesn't as well. You're right in the fact that we can't program the bots to realize that you are fighting in two's, but thats when the three other players come in, one should stick with the bot. But all that is useless when the bot doesn't even make it to your point because it is incompetent in following commands, or displaying any game sense. It's these things that need improving on, and what I think OP was trying to get at with making bots intelligent. I can't count on my fingers and toes how many times I have had a friendly bot stand over my dead body refusing to revive me even though I had called for a revive, with no enemy in sight.
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