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    Reverse track checkpoints?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum.
    I am making a reverse wheelie practice track and obviously I can't use normal checkpoints cos of the start line will move, is there any other way of making a checkpoint?
    I've seen custom checkpoints for fps tracks and wonder if I can use a technique like that but for the bike on the driving line?
    Any help is much appreciated as I don't want this track to be classed as ninja
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    Hi I'm A FPS Builder Sane, You Can Use the Fake Like CP's Found In Common as your CP & Use The Portal Tool Or Logic Chains To Optimize It's Performance
    Portal Like Like A CP Fall Zone, But The Problem Is you can'y Map The B Button is Trials Mode Only SkillGames, Maybe U can Use a Following OPE is make a CP forced on the one back !
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