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    I'm begging for help

    I purchased rainbow six siege couple of month ago . but I haven't been able to play a whole game yet !. the game constantly keeps freezing and crashing without any errors . I have sent so many crash reports that I don't even bother to send another one . I have tried any solution in any forum in the entire internet but nothing works . it's really frasterating beacuse u have to finish a game to get renowns and I have the starter edition so I have to give 2500 renows for each operator . yet I can't finish a round without the game crashing . I love this game more than BF4 and that was my favorite game of all time yet I can not play it
    I am begging any kind hearted gamer out there to tell me a soloution just list whatever worked for you i'll try them all .
    I have lenovo y510i laptop
    grafics:geforce GT 750M
    windows: 10 64bit
    all drivers are up to date
    have lot's of free space in my heard drive and i have tried changing drives or the windows itself .
    I downloaded the game via steam . and trouble shooted kit couple of times . and right now I'm goona take a backup and reinstall the game . please help this helpless gamer let me inside this paradise called rainbow six siege
    p.s sorry for my poor English not a native speaker .
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    Hi there,

    Sorry to see that you are having issues with your game crashing.

    Unfortunately it seems that your current configuration is under the minimum specifications.

    This would be the cause of the crashing. We thank you for your enthusiasm for the game, however our help is limited with regards to this.

    You can find more information on this here:


    Following some of these steps may help, but we cannot guarantee this:

    Basic PC troubleshooting

    - Sorry
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    that's so bad
    thank you so much for replying . guess it's time for me to buy a new laptop
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