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    i have all the kitties and now....

    i have all the kitties but yet big gay al only counts five but yet i have gone back and did all the reverses and stilll only have 5 cats. i have checked online for all 6 cats spots and yes i indeed got them all. now i did give al all five at once (without know the one in canada) and then got the last one and yet...
    BIG GAY AL still said i need the last one after i just handed the last one to him!!!

    idk if this is a glitch or what... but i need help so i can complete the game
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    I had the BGA cat glitch where I collected all 6 but for some reason, 1 would not register. This seems to fix the issue:
    Go back to Bebe's house & reverse time, the cat should reappear in the tree. Get it down & collect as you normally would & this should now register & you can complete the quest.
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    (I believe the reason for this happening is because the one at Bebe's should be the last one you collect & by not collecting them in order, it glitches the quest out slightly)
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    I haven't had this problem but every time i've played this quest. I've always collected 6 cats in title.
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    Me to did u figure it out???
    Originally Posted by SepraxxDK Go to original post
    Hi there.

    Im using South Park TFBH on PC, UPlay.
    And I've collected all the cats for Big Gay Al, but for some reason he only has 5 cats.
    I've walked around the city to find the places where the cats are, and tried to reverse time with a Fart ability go back in time to see if somethings happens, but no cats show up.
    And my inventory has no cats.
    What should i do ?, i need 1 cat to complete the quest, and I've followed this homepage to find the cats, and there's not cats left ?.
    - Does anyone else have this problem or is it a bug ?

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    Slightly different prob

    I can't get Bono - he's the one in the tree by the church. I can zap the branch, but there simply isn't enough time to do the pause fart before he dashes into the bushes.

    Am I missing something?
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    same problem

    Having same problem, unable to fix this.
    Have you guys find any good solution about this
    please share with me
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    seriously you guys

    4 years and they still cannot be arsed to fix a simple issue of bugging out because you want to turn in 2 quest items at once.
    show how much you care about your customers.
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    I am having the same problem, don't know when it will be resolved.
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    missing kirby

    SO Ive gotten all the cats but kirby and I know its outside of Bebe's House on the tree. But I broke it before getting the mission and scared off the cat. When I try using the fart glitch nothing happens. The branch is still broken and the cat hasn't returned. Has anyone else had this problem?
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