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    Controls not working

    I had recently bought the game about a month a go and I have been having trouble with the controls where I can't use pc controls and if i use my xbox one controller, I can't use the right stick at all and if i go into inspection mode or try to fast travel, my cursor just continuously moves to the left and I can't do specific tasks in the game to advance myself further.

    If anyone has a solution this problem that would be great!
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    Thank you for reporting this to us, CampingBurrito

    The first thing we'd advise is checking for any other devices that might be taking control away. For instance, a joystick or a drawing tablet that might be causing the controls to be incorrectly registered.

    We would also advise disabling any overlays you may be using, such as the Discord Overlay as this can interfere with controls in some of our games.
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    well i has the same issue, only the A button works, but not the cancel (B) and playing with keyboard and mouse sucks D:
    i dont have other controlsers online... and useing uplay
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