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    Started by popular request, this is the principal Thread to post questions, comments, issues & creative ideas
    on the topic of using the game's Map Editor to create or edit Maps/Scenarios.

    New threads on that topic will be closed, with a link to this one. Posts on that topic will be transfered here, if required.
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    Thank you <STRIKE>for posti</STRIKE>...
    Ah no can't.


    How to put...

    I like the fact this thread exists.

    Are there people who already know their way around the map editor? I have looked around in it but haven't really intuitively found it very easy, I must admit
    So any pointers are very much appreciated!

    I would love to design quite a few maps. Now, I'll go play around with it myself too at some point (too addicted to playing atm), so I'll figure it out I guess, but again, discussion of the possibilities might help develop a good mapmaking community

    EDIT: thank you for making this thread mod (seems that I can say that after all (I am too literal sometimes I guess))
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    Another question regarding editing/creating maps, where are the scenarios that come with the release of the game? I cannot seem to find them on my drive anywhere. They would be a good starting point for me to create new maps.

    Great game by the way, the release feels much more solid than the betas did.

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    Wow, this is the first that I've seen any posts on the map editor. Especially since it's a core element of the game, with a large community of map makers.
    Anyway, I bought the Steam version of MM&H6, and I can't find the map editor anywhere. Have I overlooked anything?
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    Oh I'm sure there'll be plenty of map editor related posts here shortly, people just need to test the actual game first. I've played the beta so much and always pined for the editor once the release came, so I'm testing the hell out of that now. As for your question, the editor file is called 'Editor.exe', and is located in the same folder as the game executable. Depending on whether you got the game via Ubistore (or any other store) or Steam, just find the folder where the game executable is. Open up the properties of the game shortcut, and you should easily find the path to it there.

    Cheers and happy map creating!
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    Thanks for that tip!
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    I am completely lost when it comes to using this thing. I never had this many problems understanding what was going on in past editors.

    Worst part is they called this user friendly and easier than the H5 editor. Really? Easier to who, a calculus professor who also happens to be an expert map maker?
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    Actually, I've already got some questions regarding the editor. First of all, the Help doesn't open anything, which makes me wonder if there's a help file at all? The editor is not covered anywhere in the pdf manual that came along. Any chance for a manual (or the actual Help file) explaining this editor sometime in the near future?
    If there ought to be a Help file, any easily explained reason for why it doesn't pop up when I hit F1?

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    @kingimp, be patient. I had the same initial reaction as you when I opened it up, but slowly started to grasp most of the handles, levers and buttons. It's thorough, that's for certain. A good thing though, imagine what you can make when you finally get the hand of this tool! You can edit your own cut scenes, combat maps, scenario quest triggers, what sounds and music that will play etc etc. The list goes on. Even the render itself can be tweaked as you like. The lighting, shadows, ambient occlusion (that's a cool feature!), cameras etc. You name it.

    Start by making a new 32x32 map, and once you've learned how to place a few items, expand (resize) the map to 128x128 or so (which is medium size) and go from there. Just remember a few things I learned quickly:

    - You need at least one player on the map to be able to save it to disk.
    - I recommend not entering long arduous descriptions of high literature BEFORE you have saved the map first. I did that and all my neatly authored text was gone.

    Have fun! Share some maps if you do indeed create some.
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    Hey there,
    is a thread currently going @ Heroes Community.

    quoted from thread -

    "Started making a small map so I could quickly test out builds/etc. since a lot of the built-in maps are really terrible for that.

    Strange thing happens when I play the map.
    If I have placed a "random monster" on the map in editor (with neutral selected on the top bar so that the monster created is indeed neutral and not a player's), without messing w/ the monster or anything, in-game I cannot even click on that creature, and if I attack it - it will say they have retreated (with the creature type showing but no creatures actually in the army).
    I chalked that up to the random # function not working on the monster.
    So if I attack any random monster where I have manually set the army strength, things go a -little- better. I can right click on that monster in-game and all is normal (can see that it's "lots of praetorians" or w/e). If I attack the monster it gives me the option to attack or retreat.. again, all is normal. Once I click attack, the game fades to black like it's about to go to combat screen.. and then comes back to the adventure map with the creature still there as if nothing has happened! In the log it says "Draw" lol.
    Same problem happens if I put a specific monster on the map instead of random. If I specify the stack size it will do the "draw" thing, if I don't then the creature won't even be clickable.

    Tried a number of things (making sure monster was aligned to grid, neutral, etc.) w/ no luck. Hopefully I am missing something obvious again and it's not a bug."

    Have you changed your team color while putting the monsters in the map?
    Or trying both Idle and Idle Bridge versions of the unit?
    Changing the game mode to custom, as its default is melee?"


    there is only 1 version of random monster, no idle bridge as w/ some other things, (altho i tried idle bridge version of a vestal just to be sure and it didn't work either)

    tried all game modes.

    Is this feature of the editor broken? Can anyone confirm that they can get a creature to work in a map they have made? Could still have the player get attacked via triggers but it's not the same"
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