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    Looking for stealthy, strategic, PATIENT players to play co-op with on PC.

    Hi! Do you enjoy playing Ghost Recon when you play Ghost Recon instead of playing Call of Duty? GOOD! Because most players seem to think this is Call of Duty. And that's fine. This is a game, and you should play it however you enjoy the most.

    That being said, I DON'T enjoy pretending that I'm playing Halo 3 when I play Ghost Recon. So if you enjoy a nice night raid, with some timed synced shots, a decent amount of prior reconnaissance, a great deal of stealth and caution, and a solid strategy, PLEASE add me and play with me. You can even decide on EVERYTHING we do, and call all the shots. I don't care. I just want to play Ghost Recon, and so far, everyone's playing this like it's GTA V.

    Username: Razgriz117
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    Whats your timezone?
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    GMT+2 (usually on in the afternoon/evening)
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    I'm on the east coast of the US. EST
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    If you are looking for a ongoing group that uses tactics/strategy as much as possible yet still has fun and can spare 2 hours (8-10pm est [NA] also forming [EU] squads with comparable times) on sunday's and wednesday's, then you should join us.

    Tactical Gaming was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms, to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics. With our Warfare and Sports franchises, we have over 2000+ active members. If you wish to become a member, simply visit our site at http://www.tacticalgaming.net/hq/ and click on the join TG button in the top left corner. Use my name (TG ReaperTai) for referral.

    Sorry for the copy and paste message but if you are looking for more of a community environment, we are definitely it. We have a lot of members across a lot of different games that are ready to be interacted with. We get together a couple times a week for squad practice but there are always people on playing several games. I have made a lot of great friends over the years that I have been a member and I am always able to find a person to play with all I have to do is ask around and there is always someone willing to meet someone new or join in on an old friend. Any questions please ask.
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    This is an old topic but I could not resist to post.
    I write from EU, PC. Visit my profile check NHT (No HUD TEAM) discord is about.

    What Razgriz117 says is what the company I am trying to assemble since September 2019 is about. Exactly that kind of immersion, "real-sim".
    Razgriz117 doesn't mention NO HUD, or else, but I like to stress a bit also on non verbal communication the fun, so looking like we are actually from SF (not specifically 5th SF army group, so no extremely strict, but at least having taste or understanding of cooperative immersion efforts that one should make to share the fun).
    So it's not just strategy, coherent with strategy and tactical movement, "cinematic" and efficient COMMS but also some emergent gameplay in and out of the gameplay.

    It can look like quite an effort but for people that are passionate of immersion, milsim , team - play, is the way to go, whoever they are, whatever we do in our life.
    I see a lot of people wanting to do this. But then coming short to applying to rules or shared standards.
    My group aims at staying a small crew, and I was looking to complete together the GRWL ghost mode extreme diff campaign (despite Ubisoft having badly coded some stuff like damage sponginess etc) with a strategical immersive approach, with intel gathered, mission plans, short briefing, AAR of a few minutes before and after mission respectively.

    Online I see we divide in many crews, groups, etc., maybe it is because at some point the purpose is lost if the thing is too large and it becomes "too random" or taking way too much time, everyone wants to go for a specific thing, purpose... despite tactical and milsim and geardo basic knowledge and immersion being one thing. In our case we seek player immersion, not just focusing on the game when one plays (I never did differently regarding focus...)

    Some do it by charging money, some others take too much time.

    My interest is finding enough truly tactical/geardo/strategy and immersion buff, who are focused Players (they do not multitask when playing) to follow a qualitative immersive experience and complete a single mission or if you are interested for the whole campaign (if there is one we are going for like in GRWL I wanted to start in 2019) then join in as much as they can. (maintaining a certain mindset of immersion in the stories, in the character ...)
    I see also being hard to do things immersively (as some team fluidity must be acquired unless natural) unless one doesn't play much together, but I believe that if a short session training or explanation is done before playing, even in a pre briefing if people know how to play and communicate tactical, true tactical and milsim immersion can be achieved.
    That's why I look mostly for already tactical and milsim/basic "real-sim", NO HUD savvy players. What raz griz 117 explained briefly is actually what I am looking for... explained in a very short manner.

    As said, through my profile you can find more. Contact me.
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