Currently known issues:

  • [Switch] [Stick of Truth] [French Language Only] The shoot controls are reversed--they are "Z+L", not "Z+R".
  • [PC] Some users are reporting that certain UI elements are off-center, and cut-scenes play in a corner of the screen.

  • [XB1] Skipping the credits after getting a specific end-game achievement may cause the game to crash.
  • [PS4][XB1] Mission indicator will not appear on-screen if the user performs missions in a specific order.
  • [Switch] [DLC] Some players report audio issues following the Netherborn tutorial in the From Dusk Till Casa Bonita DLC.
    • [Workaround] After completing the Netherborn tutorial, reload the most recent autosave. Missing audio should be restored.

  • [Switch] The team is investigating an issue where the game might crash and remain on a black screen if player is defeated by Mutant Cousin Kyle and selects "Go to last checkpoint".


For previous fixes and improvements, please see the individual patch notes.

  • [Switch] Users are reporting that saves and progress are being deleted or reset
  • [Switch] Some users are reporting infinite loading screens on (You Can) Call on Me mission
  • [Switch] Some players experience a white screen when fighting 6th-Graders.