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    Okay so the store thing is working now and you can get your avatar picture from there, it should work fine for the console editions too as long as you choose to upload your Avatar first.


    The site is slow, like an elderly snail climbing a hill of salt slow.

    After you log in you can go to either the T-Shirt store: https://southparkstore.ubi.com/Store/Steps/TShirt

    Or the Mug store: https://southparkstore.ubi.com/Store/Steps/Mug

    Once you start to design your T-Shirt or Mug, you'll get to pick out of a couple of poses of your game character that you last uploaded. Don't like directly to the image, but save it and then upload it to one of many different free hosting sites.

    If people need more instructions and help let us know and someone will give you more detailed instructions on saving it and putting it on an image site, but that's where anybody can go to grab their image after they upload it from within the game now! So console people can join in now too

    Sadly since this note isn't on the first page they'll have to scroll in a bit before they see it - if TheChrisTBH wants to edit the original post to point out where to go that's up to him, if he can still edit it this long after it's posted. It's slow but working to get the image and maybe the site will speed up later.
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    Originally Posted by TheChrisTBH Go to original post
    Huh, I should really have some variety in attacks. I didn't intend to have four of the that type, it just kind of happened. Also I'm really surprised how many different races you could chose in the character sheet. Scandinavian existed, sweet.
    If you go back in after the 2nd time you see Mr. Mackey the gender options are crazy, like if you talk to him again to change them or say it's not correct at the end the 2nd time he calls you in his Office when he has more options. There are soooooooo many different choices for gender and sexuality. When you change it or say it's not right and get the full list rather than just the questionnaire after the 2nd time you visit him, it's seriously nuts how many choices there are to scroll through.

    For attacks - I'm mostly physical too, only a lot of classes mix physical and ***** so I often will have ***** in there as well. The few times I change to something that goes against my build is when I switch in Dazzling Flash from the Psychic (the confuse ability) or Ice Prison from the Elementalist to make enemies lose a turn, both mind type abilities and I normally don't have mind boosted.

    I don't have the last two classes so I'm not totally settled on my build yet and I switch around powers a lot still, I do mostly Assassin right now too because it was my goal from the start and fits in with my whole cat girl theme and obsession

    Actually on Medium the fights are a bit easy (I did grind up my crafting as quick as I could and am using high level artifacts earlier than I should have been, those artifacts we buy from the club store we can get pretty high versions of pretty fast raising crafting) and I probably should turn the combat difficulty up since it doesn't matter much what I use right now because of that.

    Oooh imagine if we had the ability to connect to fight other teams online? Even if it was just a computer controlled version of their team it would be cool. We'd get to fight other customization and see how it held up against other peoples choices if in conflict with each other.
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    I am Captain Superfart

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    Its fine now... Why? Because I'm here!

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    I'm further in and have updated my look, though I'm sure I'll update it again. Anyway other than my hair it's quite different than my earlier one (my hair color doesn't quite fit this but I didn't get around to updating it and just left it in the end).. While I'm not a huge fan of the chest piece from the front, it does have a cat image on it that I like and it's the only one I've seen so far with a cat tail on the back (side view shown to show cat tail).

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    I am the master of the 5 elements.
    (The fifth element are farts)

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    i used to post as Kard112015 so my character is on the first page

    i was able to use his account one last time to edit my first post on this thread one last time
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    Part of the girl heroes

    Name: Project Chick
    Aliases: Nichole Daniels
    Class: Android
    Roles: Heal/Support, Bleed/Reposition
    Optional Skill Swap: Swi-Shield, Shadow Swap

    With Call Girls technology and Tubberwares intilligence, This hero can analyze endangered allies and weaken foes.

    My main team is actually call girl and tubberware, with mysterion of course.
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