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    Major Attributes on Gloves

    The recalibration changes on my Skulls MC Gloves aren't converting correctly from the live game. Instead of +12% Assualt Rifle Damage (from +1,334 Assault Rifle Damage), the stat is being reverted back to its original roll.
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    Hey Phil,

    Can you clarify this? Have you tried recalibrating the gloves again?
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    Yes, I captured screenshots. And yes, I was able to recalibrate them on the PTS. Since I can't use them as an example now, I went with my DeadEye pair.


    I looted these back in 1.6, so they've been rolled this way for awhile.


    I assume these are the original rolls from when I first looed them.

    From what I can tell, it only happens if a weapon damage type is rolled on recalibration.
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    This is normal, happened also when gear changed from 1.5 to 1.6.

    If you rerolled an attribute that changed with the update, this roll is reset to it's original state for you to change the roll for something you want.
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    That's the problem. I already have what I want on them, so I want them to convert as they should.
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