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    Issues noticed so far PTS 1.8 Xbox

    Only one day into the PTS, so probably more to come..

    Resistance. Seems to me there is an issue with instant death while progressing up to higher waves. Numerous times, at full health, in cover, sitting on Reclaimer med box, the character will just die, no downed state, just dead. Has happened numerous times on the Pier and Carrier.

    Furthermore, while I am not sure if this issue is by design, once dead, there is no way to revive your teammates, they must wait for the wave to end. Nothing else in The Division operates this way and I see no logical need for this mechanic. Over and over, once one teammate is dead, it puts too much strain on the remaining members, once another teammate dies, you might as well just quit, as higher wave levels two players are not going to make it very far. This mechanic should be removed from this game mode and players should be able to revive teammates and recovery link should be a viable option.

    On the Resistance map Pier, drones that get destroyed hovering over the containers (attached to the semi trucks) drop their SHD on top of the container and there is no way to get up on top to collect the SHD. These drops should land on the ground.

    On the Resistance map Carrier. Inside the carrier, in the room with the turret, drones seem to either come out of the wall or collect there and not move. It is difficult to shoot them if your on the catwalk above the turret (if the turret is in front of you, the drone location is on the left, up high, just past the catwalk on the left)

    Camp Clinton free roam area. Seems to me there are way too many NPC's and way too many spawning around you and behind you. Even in situations where you are inside and are clearing rooms, right after, NPC's spawn into a room that was just cleared. In all other aspects of this game, spawn locations are fixed, which is good but I also realize you wanted to add a bit of unpredictability to this area. That's fine, but if your right in the middle of a firefight, NPC's should not be spawning in right beside you or a room you previously cleared. Also noticed that at times NPC's seem to drop out of thin air, like magic. How about NPC's have fixed spawn location that require them to run their asses off to get to your location. It would be more realistic and less frustrating.

    Moving on to the Exotic LMG. Not sure why in your wisdom you elected to not include a rail for inclusion of a grip. You did this with the Pakan as well. This limits the functionality of the weapon. If these exotics are suppose to be the best in the game, why base them off of the basic, low end version of the gun? The Pakan for instance should of been based off the black market RPK. Also, the new Exotic LMG has very poor accuracy, requires accuracy modes or the accuracy talent to be rolled onto the gun. I suggest increasing the accuracy to provide more options for modding the gun, especially if you don't add a under barrel rail.

    Although this isn't specific to the PTS. Handgrips should be viable for ALL weapons, but for some unknown reason, it only fits the weapons you want them to fit. So a handgrip will fit a 870 but not a Super 90????? Really, bad idea.

    Backpack limit bug. This isn't unique to the PTS. Lets say the backpack holds 65 items and there are 61 items already in the back pack. I decide to strip a rifle of parts, there are four parts on the rifle. The game will not allow me to strip the rifle, as it is counting the camo as a part, but if I remove the camo first, then I can strip the gun. I am sure this is left over from when camo's actually took up space in the backpack. Not a priority issue but figured I should mention it.

    More feedback to follow as PTS testing continues.
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    One Item that was left out

    SHD credits display. Its hard at times to know what your SHD credit count is, you can easily see this in the bottom right corner for your team mates, but your count is very small at the top of the screen. I suggest this credit display be increased in size for better visibility, not everyone sits on top of their TV screen. Either that, or add it to the bottom right corner next to the credit display of your team mates.
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    Was playing on carrier. After completing the critical objective with thirty seconds remaining the voice would keep repeating " 30 seconds to complete critical objective". After clearing the waves and enemies it would quit saying it. When we got to far apart (we were a group of 2) the voice would continuously say "one agent remaining,an agent is down." Or something along that line. The repetitiveness if it was enough to make my eye twitch. Not sure if it's a bug or intended but please fix.
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    I was also having issues with the audio. At times it was incorrect in the number of enemies remaining, boss to kill, etc. but what I think bothered me the most was that it kept saying things like, "you gave it your best shot" or "better luck next time" even if we cleared a wave. I can't imagine it was talking to the NPCs. That'd be pointless, right?
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