I've been playing for a few days and I've had some great up and downs with 1.8. One thing I have to say is that 1.8 is looking really really great. From the new exotics to the revamped underground and the WSP area. But there is a few things that I've noticed that might need fixing.

1. In the Underground your skills can lock and go grey before a boss round.
- Yes your skills can actually lock and not work anymore. It's happened to me twice and each time I had to exit the mission and begin a new one.

2. Banshee sometimes glitches and you take more damage?
- This has happened about 5 times to me. Each time the other person was wearing banshee also. I don't know what was happening but it'll need further looking into.

3. Six piece Firecrest and catching yourself on fire.
- .....It's not a fun talent.... it just gets really annoying and makes me switch my build. I mean everyone loves to explode things but when it hits you back in the face it isn't fun.

4. D3fnc needs to give us a heads up.
- The d3fnc buff needs to have some sort of notification before it procs so the user can know ahead of time.

5. The grenade spam!
- When rogue or chasing rogues people just chuck grenades without any care. This has become the new annoying circle jerk. You or the rogue don't even get a chance when
everyone is raining hellfire and stagger at you. Something like a cooldown or massively reduced stagger would fix the problem.

6. 8 extract.
- Sometimes 8 extraction is gltichy on your map. It'll show up on your map and then magically disappear.

7. BFB and mods.
- The radius mods sometimes doesn't apply when using the bfb. I've had someone stand on the very outer edge of it and he didn't get damaged. I don't know if it was a server
thing or the mods messing up themselves.

8. The Manhunt station sound.
- The sound from the manhunt station has lingered for while even after clearing my status a few times.

9. Skirmish Scoreboard
- It's only happened twice but my scoreboard would give me incorrect stats. It's always dealing with how many kills I have, When finishing I would see that I killed x amount of
players, then when I switch to the scoreboard it either shows more or less than my actual score.

If anyone has encountered these problem please continue to add onto it