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    Issues So Far

    Just dropping what I've noticed so far in terms of errors/bugs in terms of the 1.8 PTS on XB1.

    1. Resistance:

    a) Sound Bug: I'm sure I'm not the only one who's getting annoyed by the repeat ISAC prompts during critical waves, or the error in the "five enemies left" when there's only three active. Pretty sure this one's been reported to heck and back, but you can throw me in as well to increase the sample size here.

    b) Gameplay: I'm pretty sure this behavior is unintended, but if you die and get kicked out of the activity and then proceed to run right back in, all of the SHD tech will still be on the ground, essentially allowing you to bank up a huge amount of pickups and then grab them all at the start of the game.

    c) Scaling: I could have sworn it was said that Resistance would be scaled for the group size, and yet it seems like going in as a solo player is impossible beyond wave 16/17, regardless of the map.

    d) Map Issues: Drones can get stuck out of bounds in some areas on both Carrier and Pier 97, and become immune to damage while they then are able to shoot you. Also, drones drop their SHD tech in unreachable locations at time, I'd recommend that you just award the SHD credits to the player that kills the drone.

    2. WSP Shoot Through Walls: Along the highway between the Carrier and Pier 97 resistance maps, the NPC are able to shoot through the solid wall and hit you.

    I'll keep my eye out for additional problems and post here, let me know if you need any additional info.
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    Hey Phantom,

    Thanks for the report. I'll have to double-check on c) for you. I've already reported on d), but I'm adding reports for a) and b). As for #2, would you happen to have any screenshots/video of the exact location?
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