Greeting Ghosts,

We are now a few days after the release of Ghost War, our new free update to Ghost Recon Wildlands. The team here in Bucharest is honored by the community’s positive reaction to our new PvP mode. Thanks a lot for your support and for the continuous feedback you’re sharing.

Overall, we can confirm the game is running pretty smoothly and stably. We have seen a lot of new players coming from the free weekend to try both PvE and PvP and we’re grateful to see how positive the community is about Ghost War.

As we announced in our launch trailer, the team is committed in supporting the game post launch. New maps, new classes, new game modes and a new ranked more are on the pipeline. We will share more information about these in due times. Meanwhile, keep an eye on for the latest information.

Now to address the community’s main questions:

Thermal vision

o We will publish a patch to address the Thermal Goggles perk issue as soon as possible. Please note that this is just a preventive balancing for now. A more complete revamp on the thermal vision will come with the next title update, early November. We will keep you updated once the patch is live.

o This patch will limit the range in which Thermal Vision is effective. Players will only be visible within a short to medium range, after which it starts drastically dropping in intensity, ultimately becoming ineffective at long range spotting.

Weapon customization?

As a reminder of our Open Beta update, we are also looking into adding more weapon customization post-launch such as enabling scope change, and are currently exploring a way to add more options without impacting the balance of the game. We will keep you updated.

Where can I find my stats?

You can browse your Ghost War stats and your friends’ on the Ghost Recon Network.

Thank you!

That’s it for now. Thank you again for your positivity and for the constructive feedback you’re sharing with us, Ghosts. Please remember that when giving feedback on the forums, make sure you’re using the right nomenclature: remember to use [Feedback] or any other tag in your thread title, so that we can review your message. More information on this thread.

The Ghost Recon Wildlands community team